New Zealand Women Prefer Cowgirl and Men Get Pumped for Doggie Style Good news for couch potatoes: Sex isn't just fun – it burns calories and keeps you fit. Why bother going to the gym when you can get all the exercise you need in the bedroom? Our recent research - accompanied by a poll - shows that you can get down and dirty making out with your partner and burn more calorie than you do hitting the gym. Instead of hitting the gym, sexercisers start off by kissing for ten minutes (and burning 13 calories). Next, undressing each other burns eight calories each.  Once things heat up, it's time to melt some fat and  build up muscle with different positions. Ladies doing it cowgirl style... (read more)
Hooking up online or with mobile apps has become a quintessential part of single life. And not only singles are attracted to sexy online dating – it can be a discreet way to find an affair or even spice up a couple's love life with an erotic adventure. Specialized sex dating sites and sex dating apps make finding a sex partner in NZ for a no-strings encounter as simple as click, click, swipe. The trend is referred to as casual dating, emphasising the similarity to “ordinary dating sites,” the biggest difference being that both men and women aren't looking for a permanent commitment. Here, we've compiled the most promising casual dating websites and apps that can make 2016 the most... (read more)
The Selfie developed from a teeny phenomenon to a common trend for everybody. Whether you publish a picture on Facebook or a profile pic for a dating site, it is increasingly accepted. The perfect Selfie became an art form in itself and nowhere as important as for internet dating. Because of this Dating-Kompass decided to collect some Do’s and Don’ts for the perfect Selfie. Sexy Selfie tips:           Flirt with the camera (but only a little).  Don’t be shy, look straight into the camera. Show yourself doing things you enjoy.  Highlights are Selfies at a concert, at the pool or playing soccer. Hold a drink in your Hand...and you already look like you are having fun (or would... (read more)
The fast-paced communication at dating apps leads, besides the crucial profile pic (a bad one is gone in one swipe), to an increasing importance of your pick-up line with Tinder and Co. If you can get somebody to laugh or become interested in you with your first message, you got one foot in the door already – and hopefully soon the chance to win that person over personally. We present  some tips for Tinder one-liner, Tinder chat tips, but also pick-up lines that works well at Zoosk, Badoo and other dating apps. These pick-up lines are winners at dating apps: Similar to pick-up lines in a Disco, the man has to do the first step, preferably with a good pick-up line. So here you find some... (read more)
What are women deaming about? If we believe the common clichès ( and the romantic Hollywood comedies), the women’s fantasies are all about the prince of their dreams who chivalrously seduce her, marry her and make her pregnant. Erotic fantasies are purely reserved for men as they think about it at least once per hour anyway. Although it’s proven that men are thinking more often about sex than women, that doesn’t mean women never waste much thought on Sex. Quite the opposite: First of all sex takes place in your head, same for women. Already in 1973, the book „My secret garden“ (about the sexual fantasies of women) debunked the preconception that women don’t have „naughty thoughts“. In the... (read more)
1.    The proper partner Where there is no spark there cannot be fire. During online dating you’ll find out online what interests your partner has and what they expect from the date. It’s mostly women who are spoilt for choice but avoid to have too many dates because they want to be able to be fully involved in each of them. 2.    The proper location Especially at the first date it is the best to meet at a public place. No matter how perfect the online profile might look – only when you meet face to face you’ll find out whether your chemistry matches. 3.    A perfect outfit for the date General rule: Not too casual, not too stylish. Best is to wear something you feel comfortable in... (read more)
Women all over the world discovered a dangerous phenomenon: The pig-app-flu. It mainly affects men and went viral through the download of the dating app Tinder. This app attracted not only incredible numbers of users, it is also seductively simple, very effective and definitely addictive. Many singles see Tinder as THE alternative to the classic form of meeting somebody in bars or clubs and it works almost similarly: A short glance at the app shows singles in the vicinity. At Tinder it just needs a simple swipe to decide who you like or not. In case the other person reacts positively you engage in a conversation. If all fits it could lead to more. The inhibition threshold... (read more)
Nowadays it is totally normal for a lot of singles to present themself with a public profile on an online dating site. Like having a facebook profile, a twitter account and a private account, online dating is simply part of the modern life. But in times of wiretapping scandals, hacker and virus warnings, others have concerns about their privacy and asking what happens with their personal Data at online dating sites. We collected the most important tips to protect your privacy and keep your data secure: Before you register for online dating, get an email address that you exclusively use for this purpose. One advantage is the separation of your dating communications from your private or... (read more)
The downside of all internet success stories is the attempt to dicredit your business model with attempted fraud. The online dating business is not spared from these frauds. From fraudulent online dating agencies who use dishonest practices to skim money off gullible singles to fraudsters who appear as decoys to draw singles to charged offers or ask for money transfers... There are lots of different forms of fraud and no onlite dating site is protected from it. The following should explain the forms of fraud and how you could protect yourself against it when online dating: Online dating ripp-off That is the term used mostly by  disappointed singles, who for various reasons didn’t... (read more)
Although Facebook is considered already for years as the dating network of the future, and Facebook is the most important advertising platform for online dating sites, and the Facebook login is part of the standard functionality of a dating site by now... in spite of all that, all attempts to use Facebook itself as an online dating site failed. Why are Facebook users not interested in finding a partner? 1. Facebook is more or less an exchange platform with friends. What led people on one hand from posting embarrassing pictures to unwanted insights into their personal emotional state by generally giving away too much of yourself, it prevents them on the other hand from opening up to "... (read more)
There is a dating cliché circulating for quite some time: "Women don’t fall for the “nice guy"! In conversations with single men, on dating forums and online guides, you listen to and read such statements again and again, presented in an offended or accusing way. "Women always claim that they want a nice man, but I am so nice... and no woman falls in love with me," so the reproach to all female singles of the world. And indeed, the anecdotes sound convincing, because every man who considers himself even too nice, has one or more stories in stock, showing that he actually would be the absolute dream man, but one that never gets chosen. The assumption that women never fall in love with nice... (read more)
Once New Zealand comedians again running out of anything original, they can always fall back on a good old question: "What women actually want?" This is followed by laughter, then a lame joke about handbags, more laughter, a gag about shoe craze, giggle, plus anything like "take out the trash". And at the end of it, men in the audience are not any smarter. But there are two ways to find out what women really want. The first one is actually quite simple, although many men still find it difficult. Most of the time, women actually don’t make a secret of what they want and if you listen to them, you could learn a lot about their dreams, wishes, and desires. The advantage: While listening you... (read more)
Sex without emotions can be exciting, enriching and straightforward, but especially women have problems to separate lust from love. Even as a young girl, they already have internalized that romantic love should be the only goal of their quest, as it should be for a good fairy tale princess. As a result, a guilty conscience is plaguing many women, if they catch themself having erotic thoughts that do not culminate in the wedding with the prince of their dreams. Now it is time to put the fairy tales including their female role models to the mental wastebasket and write a more interesting story. Modern women can of course still dream of a prince, but who says that there is only one of them? Or... (read more)
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