Are all men pigs? Or is Tinder simply a pigsty

Women all over the world discovered a dangerous phenomenon: The pig-app-flu. It mainly affects men and went viral through the download of the dating app Tinder. This app attracted not only incredible numbers of users, it is also seductively simple, very effective and definitely addictive. Many singles see Tinder as THE alternative to the classic form of meeting somebody in bars or clubs and it works almost similarly:

  • A short glance at the app shows singles in the vicinity.
  • At Tinder it just needs a simple swipe to decide who you like or not.
  • In case the other person reacts positively you engage in a conversation.
  • If all fits it could lead to more.

The inhibition threshold, the effort and the risk to be rejected are much lower at Tinder than in the real offline the amount of men who are communicating in a nice, polite and charming way.

Any woman who for the first time in her life seeks contact to men via Tinder could easily assume that all men are pigs...because an overwhelming percentage of men behave like that.

Once they start swiping left and right they forgot all their manners and become lewd, abusive or aggressive (sometimes all of the above).

The men-pigs at Tinder are devided in three categories:


1. The megahorny

Let’s be realistic: Tinder isn’t really made for finding the love of your life and you can correctly assume that most members have nothing against a one night stand. At least common decency dictates to have some small talk prior to that ( quite frankly: All talk on Tinder is really „small“) Who wants to find out their chance of getting laid before the first date might drop some suggestive remarks or ask directly „are you open for sex?“.  But an absolute no-no: The explicite description of sexual fanasies in the very first message.

2. The pervert

Men-pigs at Tinder like to share their sexual fantasies with unsuspecting women who feel either taken by surprise, grossed out or harassed. Especially when the fantasies are hard-core pornographic or violent. You don’t know the right moment to entrust her with the filthy things you like during sex? Remember this simple rule: If women don’t ask they don’t want to know.

3. The insulted

Some men are really charming...until the women don’t react the way they expected. Then they turn immediately abusive, insulting and in some extreme cases become cyber-stalkers.

The pig-app-flu is curable – but only if men self-reflect and ask themself whether they would have the same behaviour when approaching a woman in the offline-world.

Should the virus get out of control, women would seek alternatives to Tinder...and there are a lot!


Picture Source: Vlado/