We can help you to find the right casual sex dating site. We have analysed all the major causal sex dating websites so we can recommend the best ones to you.

Find your casual sex friend and try out one of our preferred sites in New Zealand.

Casual sex is the best sex and in some ways a casual sex friend can be the best friend of all. Mutual lust and admiration are great reasons to get together and if you keep things casual then you can enjoy an instinctive reaction to these feelings without worrying about the consequences. Enjoy your adventure!

Recommended sex dating sites in New Zealand:

# 1: BeNaughty

for Adventure searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 270.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Open and clear branding. Everyone understands
  • Great design and easy to use service

Score: 10/10

in our BeNaughty review
32 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2: QuickFlirt

for Adventure searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 200.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • sexy flirts
  • naughty dates

Score: 9/10

in our QuickFlirt review
29 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 3: FlirtyMature

for Adventure searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 100.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Confident ladies at their sexual crest
  • Mature woman looking for men online

Score: 9/10

in our FlirtyMature review
34 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 4: AdultFriendFinder

for Adventure searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 200.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Enjoy all forms of adult chat and dating
  • A large and active global community

Score: 5/10

in our AdultFriendFinder review
12 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 5: CougarLife

for Adventure searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 100.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Biggest Cougar dating site in New Zealand
  • Good functions and great profiles

Score: 3/10

in our CougarLife review
8 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 6: C-date

for Adventure searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 280.000
  • Dating category: Adventure
  • Meet a community of like-minded adults
  • Express your exact preferences online

Score: 1/10

in our C-date review
1 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

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We can help you to find the right casual sex dating site. We have analysed all the major causal sex dating websites so we can recommend the... (more)


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Casual dating is an easy way to get down to business.

We live in an exciting time for online dating. In the past it was stigmatized and poorly understood, but recently we have noticed that Kiwis are letting online dating into their lives. Most people you ask now, know something about online dating, and everyone knows a happy couple who met on the internet. And why wouldn’t they? Online dating is easy to use, it saves time, and you have a greater chance of success.  
It was probably this acceptance into popular culture which paved the way for a more casual form of online dating. I don’t need to tell you about Tinder, and the other mobile apps which brought a casual hookup into the norm. We live in an era where finding sexual partners online is something Kiwis are doing frequently and successfully. People are meeting up to have a little fun, and we think it is a great thing. 

These platforms are for everyday people

Online dating sites are not just for a special kind of person. There are no boxes which their users fit into. These sites are just for average, everyday people who don’t want to jump through all the social hoops for a quick hookup. The internet is a convenient goal orientated way to find likeminded people. If you take all of this into consideration, it seems inevitable that online dating got to where it is today and continues to grow. All kinds of sites have sprung up catering to exactly what people are looking for. 
To recap, hooking up on a dating site comes with the following advantages 
  • ...You can discuss your intentions before meeting. 
  • ...An honest safe place to get to know a person. 
  • ...You are not obliged to do anything. 
  • ...You can take steps to avoid disappointment. 

Not all online dating sites were created equal

There are the good and bad of everything, and online dating sites are no exception. Some services will promise you the sun, moon, and stars, only to disappoint time and time again. These services have given online dating a bad name, but it is not that hard to sort the best from the rest. I don’t want to put you of, but you should be wary of free sites. They often make up for that lost revenue with dubious methods; affiliation with porn sites, viruses, malware and spam. You also won’t get the same quality of service on a free site. Everyone knows the old adage about getting what is paid for. 
We ran some tests and noticed that sites matching the following criteria were all round better to date on. 
  • Number of members: The more members in New Zealand the easier it is to find a match. Note I said in New Zealand. It is no good joining the world’s largest dating service if all of the members are overseas.
  • Quality of the search functions: You want a site that lets you search for specific keywords. The best sites will let you search for a fetish or nice personality trait. You need a site that will quickly match you with exactly what you are looking for. 
  • Quality of the communication functions: The best sites have great messaging functionality, and you can contact people with ease. You also need to be able to block people from ever seeing you again, and they will allow that too.
  • We listed the best sites according to these criteria above.
  • We did the hard work for you and sorted through hundreds of sites. The results are in, and we have posted them above. Take a moment to see what we consider to be the best dating sites. 

Can woman casually date?

You are no doubt aware society has been going through something of a sexual revolution in recent times, and woman are almost free of the double standards, which they have been subject to for most of human history. There is no reason a woman shouldn’t use these sites and afford themselves the same privileges as men are.  
There is a bit of a misconception going around that if a woman finds her way onto one of these sites, she will be out number a million to one. Honey men will fall over themselves to compete for her. You are probably thinking that doesn’t sound so bad, but it is no longer correct. People wrongly assume that these sites are only used by guys. This was once true, but in recent times the gender ratio has evened out, and on the good sites we see a nearly even gender representation. 
Most dating sites have more men than woman and for obvious reason. Many casual dating portals have recognized this and to balance the scales they offer all kinds of incentives to woman to get them onto the sites. Improving features related to chat blocking and reporting has made woman more comfortable knowing they can avoid intrusive members. 
It has worked, and the stigma is either rubbed clean or unfounded. Online dating portals are a professional, safe place where people can interact in a comfortable environment. The results speak for themselves and more kiwi woman are using these sites than ever before.

What additionally increases the casual dating experiences?

The feedback is almost all positive. People are surprised that the sites are so easy to use and they are getting exactly what they want. All that being said how you use the site is entirely up to you. It can’t all be positive but when one of these dating sites falls short of expectations it is normally because those expectations were set too high. Online dating might be easier than traditional dating, but you have to remain realistic. Lying on your profile to try find a better match is setting yourself up for disappointment. Take your time when deciding if you want to meet someone, and you need to find out exactly what they are looking for. 

To Summaries: Remember these three tips


Are you an average looking man or woman? Well you aren’t going to be taking Victoria Secret models to bed. They are out their improving the gene pool and they don’t want you weighing them down. Hey don’t worry about it. You might not get a million followers when you upload a photo in your underwear, but who wants all that attention anyway. 


Treat a potential match with respect or you won’t get anywhere with them. Men are the worst for this, and they wrongly assume that a woman is easy because she is online dating. This is the quickest way to get a drink emptied on your head. Treat each other with mutual respect, and it will go a lot smoother. 


Common sense really. You are about to meet a complete stranger with intent as questionable as your own. Meet them in a public place. We don’t want to scare you off, but having a few people around is sure to put you both at ease.