Can’t distinguish the good from the bad in New Zealand’s busy, online dating industry?

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There are new dating sites being launched every day. The come in all shapes and sizes, flirt portals, dating agencies, dating apps, and casual dating sites, we have them all in New Zealand. It is overwhelming and disorientating. These services ask for both money and commitment, and a potential prospect has no way of knowing where they should invest. 
We have analyzed the industry and observed the market for many years. We know how to tell the good from the bad. We put all single portals through a systematic analysis. To determine, firstly, if a page is secure, but we also find out if the service really works, and if it can help a single. We aim to make it simple for you to take advantage of our findings and settle on the site right for you. 


These are our top picks for dating portals:

# 1: Academic Singles

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 350.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Winner of New Zealend leading dating services
  • Popular among NZ elite singles

Academic Singles Overview

Last update: 20.05.2024
Fantastic, by using Academic Singles NZ we were able to find a number of highly educated singles in a short space of time. The fantastic dating ...

Score: 9/10

for Academic Singles
54 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

# 2: EliteSingles

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 250.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Best for elite singles in NZ
  • Lots of activity on the NZ site

EliteSingles Overview

Last update: 21.05.2024
As a dating service, ELITESINGLES NZ brings together cultured, ambitious and interesting singles in New Zealand. Its members are associated via ...

Score: 2/10

for EliteSingles
6 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

# 3: eharmony

in our evaluation *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 500.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Enjoy more informed conversations
  • One of the best designs on the web

eharmony Overview

Last update: 22.05.2024
eHarmony is a serious dating service designed to select the right matches for you and help in your search for love. It is one of the most thorough ...

Score: 2/10

for eharmony
13 responses to 100 messages in our test. *)

A quick rundown on the three most important dating portal classifications. 

Love: Testing matchmaking agencies
Looking for something more serious? Are you ready to settle down, and you are just trying to find that special someone? You need to find a dating portal filled with members after the same thing. These portals are called partner agencies, and they are your best choice. 
Flirt: Testing single portals and dating apps
You might not know what you are looking for, and while a long term relationship isn’t off the table, you want to test the waters a little before settling down. You need a flirt portal. They are very popular in New Zealand, and they are a lot of fun. 
Adventure: Testing casual dating portals and apps
Do you want to have an erotic adventure? New Zealand is full of singles looking for the exact same thing. We can show you where you can get what you want, quickly. 

We are experts on dating sites and dating apps in New Zealand

Dating Compass is tasked with provided you with the support you need to better your experiences while online dating in New Zealand. We are an information portal, and we focus on evaluating dating services with primary data. We believe that among the countless online dating sites competing for your attention you will have a better experience on some than others. All we want to do is get you on the right site. This brings transparency to the market, and it really helps people. Not all dating sites were created equal. The Dating Compass has been monitoring the industry for years, and we are familiar with New Zealand’s dating services. The expertise of our editorial team is covered in greater detail here. More about Dating-Compass!
We have personally tested all of the following dating sites.
No matter your desires we have a site for you. 
On this page we will cover some sites which are fit to your ambitions. These sites all have a strong base of user in New Zealand, and if you use them properly you will get responses, which you can take as far as you want. We have categorized the dating sites and apps into the three previously discussed categories. You just need to ask yourself what you are looking for: Flirt, Love, Adventure.

Flirt: dating sites and dating apps

The sites in our flirt category are about meeting new people and getting yourself out there. Everyone knows what flirting is, and this category was aptly named. Flirting is fun and exciting. It is fast paced and witty. Nothing is predetermined, and what started as a show of interest can go as far as you want to take is. You might just meet and interesting person, and you might fall in love. Nothing is off the table. Erotic interlude to lifetime commitment. A flirting portal takes all comers. 
The flirt category is your traditional dating site. They were born out of the personal ads in newspaper and on forms. As the internet gained traction and the technology improved so too did these sites. Typically, users fill out a profile, which is how you browse singles. There are search and chat functionality built in, and you will find hundreds of thousands of singles. is the largest and best known provider in New Zealand. In this category you should expect to see popular dating apps, like Tinder, Badoo and Zoosk. These apps revolutionized dating their location services make it easy to meet up with people nearby and flirt on the go. The modern era has placed millions of likeminded New Zealanders in your pocket. In addition, they are packed with innovation, and we are seeing more functions and mechanisms improving the frill of flirting. These apps are especially popular with young New Zealanders

Love: matchmaking services

Singles actively seeking love and trying to find a special someone
Singles in the market for something a little serious need to go to a site where there are other people trying to find the same thing. This category of dating sites is where that will a happen. On these sites you know the intentions of the people using them, and there is not a doubt in your mind that they are looking for a long term committed relationship. Matchmaking agencies have developed algorithms that specialize in matching people based on their personalities and compatibility. This is done with in depth scientific personality determinations, and the results speak for themselves. 
These services are the platinum tier of online dating. No other dating service pairs, similar partner with complex algorithms. Eharmony or EliteSingles are outstanding examples of matchmaking services in New Zealand.

Adventure: Casual dating portals

This category welcomes everybody who is looking for an erotic adventure without further obligations. Society is going through something of a sexual revolution, and the once frowned upon one-night stand is now common practice, for many New Zealanders. On casual dating portals, intensions are clear and both parties know it is about sex. Feelings are sidelined, and the sex comes without obligations and expectations. There is nothing stopping a romantic attachment from blossoming under the covers, but we wouldn’t recommend looking for love on one of these portals. 
Casual dating is not just for men. It wouldn’t really work if it was, but woman are joining these portals at an increasing rate, and the best sites has a near even gender spread.

Dating categories


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We run test to provide a meaningful comparison of these services 

Dating Compass aims to compare these sites against other service in a meaningful way. We regularly test the industry’s offerings, in great detail, against established criteria. All dating services are tested against the same criteria. The goal is to ensure we have accurate and authentic information to pass along to the visitors of these dating sites.  
We weight the contact test as one of the highest criteria. The test indicates how easily and often a user of the site will have a connection with another member. We take into consideration quality factors and value for money, be contacts are the purpose of online dating. If frequent contacts are made, within a reasonable amount of effort, we rate this very favorably. It is important to view the result of our contact test in the report. It will give you a good feel for the differences between a service. The results you are actually going to achieve will vary depending on, well I am sure you can guess what it will depend on, but a service that does well in the contact test gives you some concrete evidence, where the probability for the chances of your success are higher.

Our analysis shows you how best to asses a dating sites.
The main results are summarized:
• Advantages and disadvantages
• Tips
• Success rate
• Membership statistics
• Suitability for flirt/love/adventure
• Level of activity in New Zealand
Are finding pertain to the following points in detail. These are the points we consider to be among the most important, and they are covered conclusively in each report. The results, we believe, are a complete picture of a dating service. 

• Practice test and experience with test profiles
• Features and profiles
• User friendliness
• Value for money

Free dating services vs. paid dating services

This question comes up a lot. Singles want to know if they really have to invest money in a paid dating service, when even a simple Google search links them to thousands of free ones. The question is not a difficult one to answer. The members who use these free dating sites usually do so very casually. The money separates the serious from the curious, and you will not have anywhere near the response. That is only to beginning, free dating sites attract fake profiles, and ladies who want to take more money from you than the dating site was asking for. 
The truth of the matter is that free dating sites are riddled with scams. They are not unusable, but we have been in the industry a long time, and we have heard enough horror stories that we have to advise against all but a few free dating sites.
A message from a pretty lady sending you links to another site, is a scam that has plagued the free dating sites for as long as there has been online dating. 
If you look at our test reports, you will notice we tend to steer clear of free dating sites. We have analyzed significantly more paid dating sites for a good reason. It all comes down to the risk of a bad investment is significantly higher on a paid site than at a free dating site. People want to be informed before they invest money, but they are more than happy sign up to a free site without a moment’s hesitation. There are free sites that we like, and we will assess them in our reports. Take a look at them if you are considering going with a free dating site. 
Notice in our test reports the we assess the dating service’s value for money. There are ways to save money on a dating service, and they require very little effort on your part. Signing up for a longer membership often comes with a discount, and you will save money over the long run. This only makes sense if you think you will use the service for a long time. We have found that 6 months is normally enough time to find a partner. If you sign up to a membership of less than 6 months, you run the risk of being rushed into something, and that is the last thing you need in your search for love. 
In all our test reports you will find also the assessment of the value for money. If you want to save on the monthly price of a paid dating site, maybe a longer membership is recommended. But that of course only makes sense if you think that you will use the service that long. Our rule of thumb is: On a large dating site 6 months is usually sufficient to find a partner. Memberships that last less than six months might rush you and produce hastiness and that is the last thing you need in the search for love.

Free single portals also have their price

It is not written in a dollar value, but free single portals have their price. These sites cost money to run, and we don’t know of any good Samaritans finding people matches out of the goodness of their heart. These sites have to collect revenue to pay for their servers and their platform, how do they do it? The user is not contributing so ultimately they have but a few choices to monetizes their service. Most of these sites rely on advertising revenue. The best of them will make you click through hundreds of ads while you use their site. The worst of them will sell your User data as currency. This data is very valuable in the advertising industry.