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Conclusion: eHarmony is a serious dating service designed to select the right matches for you and help in your search for love. It is one of the most thorough and in-depth psychological profiling systems on the net and claims to have created successful couples all over the globe.

eharmony at a glance:


  • A great service for detailed profiles
  • Full personality profiling
  • Committed community of member
  • Great design and user interface


  • Site is AU based, so you need to filter for NZ only matches
  • You need to spend some time to register fully.

Our recommendation for more success

Take half an hour of your time and register with eHarmony. You will then receive a personality report absolutely free!

This is a process worth completing in its own right. The insights and suggestions we found very useful. Then if you like the look of some of your matches you can take the next step, go Premium, and see who eHarmony has found for you. 

eharmony numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 13 resulting conversations
  • 1 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio eharmony

Member statistics

58% Women

42% Men
Female ratio at eharmony

Suitability for Love

  • Enjoy more informed conversations
  • One of the best designs on the web

Suitability for Love

Local activity in New Zealand

  • Members in New Zealand: 500.000
  • Search trend: 750

Activity grade in New Zealand

1. eHarmony New Zealand review: summary

eHarmony delivers partner recommendations that are specifically selected for you based on thorough personality profiling. This creates a more serious and dedicated experience than you will find on many competitor sites. The time cost is higher, but so is the commitment of the people you get in touch with on this site.

We looked to find out for ourselves whether eHarmony was a good service in New Zealand by signing up for the service and thoroughly checking it out for ourselves. It is important to note that eHarmony does not have a dedicated New Zealand site, but redirects New Zealanders to its AU site. This means you need to be sure to filter out all but people in New Zealand – unless you’re really prepared to travel for love.

Practical test and experience: eHarmony has performed very well in tests around the globe with more responsive matches and more interesting conversations.  The New Zealand score is not quite so high. While the response rate was still reasonable, it was not as high as elsewhere.
Functions: eHarmony has great functions. The ‘Book of You’ on its own is worth joining the service for. A great and free insight into your personality and dating type
User-friendliness: A very user friendly website. Simple and easy to navigate. However, customers services is only available by phone through the Australian number. A pass for eHarmony in this area.
Value for money: Overall we think that eHarmony is good value for money. It has a very comprehensive service and offers this service at a price that compares favorably with services that offer much less.


2. eHarmony New Zealand Experience Test

The eHarmony New Zealand test thoroughly explores all elements of eHarmony. To produce an overall overview of the quality of the product we made a profile on the site and used it like an everyday user (man looking for woman). After this we browsed all features and initiated first conversations.

We also had a look at eHarmony New Zealand’s reputation, reading through reviews and forums to build an impression of how customers respond to the product.

First reactions to eHarmony New Zealand

eHarmony is an attractive website and as soon as you land on it, it's evident that the design quality is better than most. The registration is very personal and full with motivating pictures and statements. Good news because to register takes time! eHarmony analyses a full range of personality and character traits to find you the right people. It wants to deliver matches that are well suited to you. The system that does all this is based on years of research with Oxford University.

Picture: Encouraging users to complete the registration pages - eHarmony

In the end it's all about saving you time. By putting time in up front to create a full psychological analysis and profile, afterwards you get to save time, as the eHaromony algorithm will seek out the right one for you. You don't have to search for your dream match, with eHarmony they will  come to you!

Activity Test

To get an estimation of the amount of members online, we carried out a interaction assessment. Dating services come in scores of diverse configurations, but the most key concern for the consumer is how many contacts he or she has. How many people get in communication and how many people reply to conversation openers. Our ‘reach’ test creates a value against this essential measure for every internet site we review. eHarmony New Zealand did very comfortably in this test. There were stacks of members online and it looked like a reputable spread of users over the state.

Results: Online as a man, we made 100 contact requests on eHarmony. These contained a mix of all the different ways of showing interest in someone on the site. For example, by messaging or ‘winking’. In return we got 28 answers. This is a reasonable performance for men contacting women on dating websites and shows a good level of members.

eHarmony New Zealand profiles

The profiles on eHarmony really are special. They contain a great deal more information than you find on most other dating websites. This enables better matching, better choices and better conversations.

It is a shame that you cannot view people’s pictures before you purchase Premium Membership, but this is more than made up for by the wealth of written information on all profiles – really something quite rare in online dating.

Profile suggestion: When you’re investing time or money with eHarmony, be sure you invest some time on making your profile count. Give full answers to all the questions, get your preferences right and post lots of great pictures of you! Time spent on these important matters will not be time lost!

Are there any fake profiles on eHarmony New Zealand?

Fake profiles are usually a difficulty for all dating firms and the test is not whether they have fake users, but how many of them are out there. However, our impression of eHarmony New Zealand was quite reassuring in this regard. eHarmony features an impressive routine of profile approval and the majority of profiles gave the impression of being authentic. 

Conclusion eHarmony New Zealand Experience Test: eHarmony did well, though not quite as well as it has done in other countries. The New Zealand user still has to use the AU site and there are less users as a result. Still we found the overall levels of conversation and response rate, pretty reasonable.


3. eHarmony New Zealand Features and Profiles

eHarmony is a complex and extensive website that offers you a full spread of features and functionalities in order to best present yourself and find the perfect match. There are a lot of search options and a lot of information you can fill out in the profile.

To begin with the eHarmony experience you do need to set aside half an hour to complete the lengthy registration test. This should be a time saver in the end. The questions vary from stuff about your hobbies to questions on your character 'how generous do you think you are?' Do you like to lead or be led' etc.

Having finally gained access to the main part of the site you find even more optional profile fields to be filled in, as well as the chance to load photos. Then it's a question of viewing your matches and starting some communications. There is a barrier to what you can do without Premium Membership, unfortunately this includes getting to look at your matches photos. On the plus side the profiles are well filled out and there is a lot of written information you can read for free.

Book of You

The Book of You is eHarmony’s personality report on you. It is really thorough and we challenge you not to be interested in what it has to say, especially when it describes how other people are likely to react to you.

Picture: The Book of You - eHarmony


There is an extensive search functionality and you can determine who you want to be matched with based on: Age, income, spirituality, distance, ethnicity.

Picture: Income filters on the search pages - eHarmony

What if

What if is a function that allows to you to search outside of the matches eHaromny sends you. Essentially to choose your own form a more random list of members. Nice to have.

Picture: What if function - eHarmony

Secure Call

This is an in house internet calling facility that allows you to chat to you're matches through the site. No need to number or even skype id swap.

Picture: Secure Call - eHarmony

Summary of Functions and Features: eHarmony relies on all the information it has about its members to deliver great matches. Otherwise it is not overloaded with features. eHarmony is about quality matching not swiping left or right.


4. eHarmony New Zealand Customer Care

Customer care is a very important issue with online dating sites. The extent to which dating sites deal effectively with the worries and problems their customers have fluctuates a lot between sites. How simple is it to speak to customer support? How promptly do they deal with customer questions. Does the company operate automatic rebilling?

Getting hold of Customer Support with eHarmony New Zealand

There is a thorough FAQ area on eHaromny called the Help Centre. This on its own will be able to answer many of your questions. But if you need more than text, they do show contact details at the end of the information. Sometimes they will ask you to write an e-mail to a individual department, more often they direct you to a customer care telephone service.

eHarmony New Zealand design

eHarmony is a real piece of art work. Throughout the entire site the attention to detail and quality of design is remarkable. This quality of design says a lot about eHarmony's philosophy overall.

Picture: The striking design of eHarmony

eHaromny New Zealand Mobile functionality

eHarmony has a fully developed mobile app and its normal service is compatible with mobile browsers. However, this is all for use once registered. Completing the registration process is definitely something to be done on a reasonably large screen

Summary of eHarmony New Zealand Customer Care: A good score for eHarmony. eHarmony has a freely available customer support telephone line and a really great website for its customers. A friendly service.


5. Is eHarmony New Zealand a good deal?

The large majority of dating companies offer a free taster of their product, but to use the service properly and make contact with other users you nearly always have to pay for a Premium Account. eHarmony New Zealand is not an exception and to chat with your partner recommendations, you are going to have to pay. We wouldn’t quibble with the necessity of this. In the end, customers always have to pay if they want to use a decent service. Instead, we focus on how eHarmony New Zealand scores on a ‘value for money’ equation. Is it good value?

Benefits of eHarmony New Zealand’s paid for service
  • See your matches’ photos
  • Know who’s viewed you
  • Send and receive unlimited messages
  • SecureCall – the in-stie internet phone service.
eHarmony New Zealand price list
  • A 12 month subscription costs $19.95 per month
  • A 6 months subscription costs  $29.95 per month
  • A 3 months subscription costs  $39.95 per month
  • To sign up just for one month only costs  $59.95

*these prices were current at the time of writing, but may change

We advise you go for the six month subscription period. It’s a large up front cost, but once that’s out of the way you’ll be able to really settle down and take your time to use the service well.

Caution: Premium Membership will renew automatically unless you instruct eHarmony not to.
Summary of eHarmony New Zealand’s prices and value: Overall.

eHarmony's prices are not the cheapest, but the service is very special. The level of attention and support you get with the eHarmony system makes it well worth the money.



Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Love. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

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Overall rating: 2 / 10

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