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Conclusion: Fantastic, by using Academic Singles NZ we were able to find a number of highly educated singles in a short space of time. The fantastic dating service from New Zealand made some great suggestions for partners and comes with some amazing features. We did notice the occasional issue with usability, but overall it is an excellent service. This is our new favourite website for meeting determined and intellectual single people living in New Zealand.

Academic Singles at a glance:


  • Very high number of interactions with other intellectual NZ singles
  • Great all-round website and app
  • Lots of members based in New Zealand
  • Both the website and app were very user-friendly
  • Good performance-price ration


  • Automatic renewal for subscription (same will do nearly all dating services)
  • Pricing transparency is inadequate (again the same with nearly all dating services)

Our recommendation for more success

You can register yourself for free and give Academic Singles NZ a try. If you decide to continue using the service, you can then take up a premium membership subscription. Similar to other dating websites, you will need a paid subscription to contact and chat with other members.


Academic Singles numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 54 resulting conversations
  • 5 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio Academic Singles

Member statistics

55% Women

45% Men
Female ratio at Academic Singles

Suitability for Love

  • Winner of New Zealend leading dating services
  • Popular among NZ elite singles

Suitability for Love

Local activity in New Zealand

  • Members in New Zealand: 350.000
  • Search trend: 5.000

Activity grade in New Zealand

1 Review of Academic Singles NZ

For most people around the world, the hope of falling in love and finding a life partner is a fundamental human drive. Similarly to most other countries, it is common for people in New Zealand to find love using online dating services and most of these services will help you find partners using personality tests.

Academic Singles is very popular in New Zealand and we will now take a look at how well it does compared to the competition. In our humble opinion, we believe that Academic Singles is the best online matchmaking service available in New Zealand today.

PracticalityThis particular test shows us that Academic Singles NZ is a fantastic matchmaking service. During this test, we found that there is a large number of contacts and meeting them is particularly fast and easy to do. All members on the site are highly educated and they are all open to meeting new people. In fact, it is difficult to find another service where such good results can be achieved. The service is simply excellent.
Functionality:The innovative features of the service work really well to help you find love. A few more features would be good to improve the overall user experience, but due to the large number of good quality partner proposals, this small improvement doesn’t take anything away from Academic Singles. In short, the quality of all the member profiles found on the website are all fantastic and the service itself is the best we’ve seen.
customer friendliness: The design of the website and app mean that Academic Singles is particularly good. Although the absence of transparency in their customer service and membership termination procedures are evident, they don’t take anything away from the actual service itself.
Price: The performance to price ratio is the best among any dating sites in use in New Zealand. The site performs well all-round, especially in the contact test and therefore Academic Singles is great value for money. The partner suggestions and the additional features on the site are fantastic and this therefore means that the performance to price ration is better than what you will find on most websites.


2. Academic Singles - NZ dating test

At this point in the review of Academic Singles in New Zealand, it is important that you get a good insight into internet dating services. For people who are new to this, it isn’t easy to know whether or not a particular singles service is any good and if it is better than the other services on offer. For this reason, we have tested Academic Singles in great depth for you.

In this test, we created 2 profiles: one male and one female. We used these two profiles to analyse the free features of the service. After this, we then upgraded the accounts to premium memberships and we further analysed Academic Singles. The most important part of this is what we call the contact test and it is essential to our overall review.

2.1 First Impression - Academic Singles NZ dating

Overall, Academic Singles provides a very good first impression. The online dating website is very reputable and professional. The website itself isn’t full of clutter, but it does contain a number of features and sparks your curiosity. Visitors to the site are given all the information in a clear manner in which to successfully find love with Academic Singles.

Picture: Welcome to Academic Singles Dating in NZ - Registration successfully completed

However, one important piece of information which isn’t found prior to registering on the site is how much does Academic Singles in New Zealand cost to use? Likewise with other websites of this nature, this exact cost is hidden. Even if you take a look through the terms and conditions, you won’t find exact prices. Even though this is the normal practice for a website such as this, we feel that it lacks transparency and this in turn is a drawback for the service. If you want to find the exact cost, you can click here.

2.2. Academic Singles Contact Test - NZ Dating

Our contact test will tell you how easily you can meet other people using Academic Singles. For a dating site to be successful, the more people interact with each is of paramount importance for the functioning of the website. Therefore, for the site to really work, it must introduce new contacts to their users. We have made a contact test for Academic Singles NZ and we have named the result the “success rate”.

Test results on Academic Singles NZ

30-day Contact Test on Academic Singles

>> passive contact requests: 21

  • standard greetings: 0
  • personal messages: 21

>> active contact requests: 50

  • standard greetings: 0
  • to which positive replies received: 0
  • personal messages: 50
  • to which positive replies received: 33

Success rate: 54 from 100 points
(premium membership)

21 contact requests plus 33 positive responses to contact attempts

How does our test work?·      

  • Our contact test is done over the period of one month (exactly 30 days since we created the profile for our premium membership).
  • During this time, we count how many successful contacts were made.
  • We made 50 contact attempts (both greetings and messages)) and count how many we received in return.
  • Passive (incoming) contact efforts are counted as a successful contact.
  • Active (outgoing) contact effort are only counted as successful if we get a positive response, i.e. one that encourages us to continue the conversation.
  • We have a maximum of 100 points. 50 for passive contact attempts and 50 for active contact attempts.
  • Therefore, the result is given as a score out of 100. For example if we made 30 successful interactions, then the score would be written as 30/100.
In conclusion: The success rate from the contact test has determined that Academic Singles NZ is a great website because more than 50% contact attempts on the site were successful. Therefore, the service works well and it allows you to contact people quickly and easily.


3. Academic Singles functions and profiles

3.1. How does it work?

There are 4 steps for how Academic Singles work and we will go through them one by one. Firstly, after you have registered on the site, you will be invited to take a personality test. This takes around 10-15 minutes to finish and it will ask you about your ideas, preferences and other interests. Academic Singles does a very good job of doing this step with a very user-friendly system.

Picture: Personality test on Academic Singles NZ dating

Picture: Academic Singles works all around the globe

After you have complete this, the second step is to create your welcome message. Here you want to write a message that will attract others, it’s a bit like introducing yourself and this is a public message which is available for other users to read.

You should now have completed the first two steps. One of the good things about Academic Singles is that it makes these steps of your journey very easy and you don’t have to wrack your brain to fill out text boxes like you do with other websites.

Picture: Dating profile on Academic Singles NZ

Picture: Complete your dating profile on Academic Singles NZ

For the third step, you will move to your personal homepage and you will already have a list of prospective partners waiting for you. It is here that you list of matches are listed and the suggestion are based on an algorithm from the results of the personality tests. The name of this algorithm is called the “Academic Singles Index”. You can sort partner proposals depending on the criteria that you are interested in and you can also browse other members to find other people.

Picture: First matches arrived on Academic Singles NZ dating

Finally, the fourth step is one of the most crucial steps. Here you need to contact any partner that you would like to get to know more. It makes no sense to sit and wait, you may as well start contacting people right away. By using Academic Singles, you can send messages to other users and this is the most important way to contact people. The site is missing a few features like a “poke” or a “like” which you get with other sites, and nearly all contact is done through their messaging service. This is a basic yet sold service and maintains the minimalist style of the website in general.

3.2. Profile Quality of Users on Academic Singles NZ dating

During our research, we came across only a couple of fake profiles on the website. Unlike other websites, Academic Singles is very good at moderating their service. A negative aspect of the service is that you can’t verify yourself with photo ID. If this was possible, it would be easier to see who has confirmed their ID and help you to be clear about a user’s identity. This, in turn, helps people to trust the service more and increase opportunities for contacting people.

We did notice that a few profiles don’t have photos. Although this isn’t 100% necessary for using the website, we think that it can’t help you to find success very easily on this website, so always upload a good photo of yourself.

Tips & Advice:
  • Upload Images – You will want to upload as many images of yourself as possible. We found that the more images we uploaded, the more contact opportunities arose.
  • Finish your profile – Make sure you fill out everything on your profile to improve your opportunities for meeting people. Profiles are how people get to know you, find out if they are interested in you and help spark up a conversation.
Conclusion: In this case, Academic Singles in New Zealand does what it needs to do simply and easily. It doesn’t throw a lot on unneeded or unrequired features in your face, instead it focuses on a minimalistic approach and does it well. There are many suggestions for meeting people and we found that they were all really good quality.


4. Customer Services

If you have any question, most of them are answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section of their website. By reading this, you will quickly be finding love on Academic Singles. However, it would be nice if there was also a guide about love.

4.1. Contact Options

Unfortunately, contacting Academic Singles doesn’t seem very easy to do. It isn’t easy to find contact information on the website and this information also isn’t listed in the Frequently Asked Questions. If you look at the bottom of the website, you will find a ‘Contact’ page, but they only list an email address and there is currently no phone number available.

Having said that, their customer service team did reply to our query very quickly, but we feel that this isn’t the best customer service available and contacting Academic Singles should be much easier for their users.
Academic Singles contact details
  • E-Mail:
    customerservice [at]
  • Postal address:
    Academic Singles NZ S.à.r.l.
    291, Route d'Arlon
    1150 Luxembourg

4.2. Membership Termination

If you do find love, or you just want to terminate your membership, it isn’t all that easy to do on Academic Singles. Similar to other websites in the industry, Academic Singles will auto-renew your membership if you don’t cancel in time and cancelling isn’t easy.

Remember: If you don’t cancel your subscription in time, they will extend your membership automatically and you will keep paying for your premium service until you cancel. The only way to cancel the service is to send a fax or write a letter to the company and this can’t be done online.

When you are cancelling your membership, the best way to cancel Academic Singles is to write a letter and include some particular information. You need to state that you want to cancel and ask for confirmation of your cancellation. You will want to include your email address that you used when signing up for the website and you ID number. Then you just want to send this letter or fax it to Academic Singles ( Fax. Number: (+41) 434302215. )

4.3 Design & Looks

Academic Singles has created a modern website with a very smooth design. It isn’t cluttered and all menus and information are exactly where they should be. In short, the website has been designed very nicely. 

4.4. Mobile Experience

Academic Singles has 2 ways that you can use their service on your telephone. They have an app which you can use and can be downloaded for free and they also have a mobile version of their website.

Conclusion Although the user-friendliness of the website isn’t perfect, it works just fine in terms of usability. However, the lack of a customer services phone number and an easy way to cancel your membership isn’t very good, but on the whole Academic Single NZ s is good.


5. Value-for-money 

5.1. Academic Singles NZ Price

If you are in New Zealand and you want to use Academic Singles, the only real way to use it successfully is to sign up for a paid membership account. The main reason is because the messaging function (which is your main method of contacting other users) is only available in a limited version for free This is the same with most online dating services and the free account is only designed to give you an introduction to what they provide.

After you have seen the free version and you think that Academic Singles is the service for you, you will need to pay to use the service effectively. Academic Singles is a business and they need to generate an income too. This is fine as long as you get value for you money.

Caution: If you find a partner, you will need to cancel your membership using the method outline above in this review.

Why pay for an Academic Singles premium membership?

The simplest reason for this is that you can’t communicate with other users with only a free account. This, therefore, means that you can’t meet people unless you sign up for a premium account.

Premium Membership has the following benefits:
  • Send and receive messages from other users
  • See the other users who have visited your online profile
  • Look at the pictures of recommended users
  • Have a favourite user function

Picture: Overview of the advantages as a premium Academic Singles NZ member

What is the price of Academic Singles Premium Membership?

The costs are:

  • 3 Months is charged a monthly rate of $84.90
  • 6 Months is charged a monthly rate of $50,92
  • 12 months is charged a monthly rate of $42,42
In Conclusion: We believe that Academic Singles offers the best performance to price ration and is therefore the best dating service available in New Zealand. Although the price of the service is higher than other dating services available, it does reflect the great service you get in return. The features used on the website are easy to use and work well, the number of people using the site is very high.

Finally, the results from our tests were all good and we believe that for these reasons the price of the service is fully justified. Simply put, you are paying for a premium service and you get that with Academic Singles.

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Love. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

Academic Singles summary

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Overall rating: 9 / 10

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