Looking for a flirt? Dating is a numbers game and to maximize your dating opportunities you need to find a website that has a large number of customers in your region. We provide insights into which providers have the best coverage across all regions and cities so that you can chose a service that is likely to have large numbers of in your locality.

Here are our top recommendations for New Zealand.

Dating has shifted massively within the last decade to become a principally online phenomena in the Western World. It is a transformative process that however much hacks write about it and friends discuss it, can barely be comprehended in the magnitude of its impact. After all, dating is life: The vast majority of us regard dating, love and romance as the top priority in our lives.

The best flirt sites in New Zealand:

# 1: be2

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 370.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Preferred choice for serious relatioinship
  • Not only for elite singles

Score: 9/10

in our be2 review
33 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 2:

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 500.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Great place to see full profiles and pics
  • Great flirting tool within a traditional format

Score: 3/10

in our review
8 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

# 3: Zoosk

for Flirt searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 300.000
  • Dating category: Flirt
  • Top site for instant messaging local singles
  • Carousel quickly allows you to swipe

Score: 2/10

in our Zoosk review
20 responses to 100 messages during our test phase. *)

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Flirting is some of the most fun you can have with your clothes on

Looking for non-committal partners on the internet is not just efficient, effective, and other boring adjectives. It can be really fun. Chatting with someone and knowing what it could lead to will have your heart throbbing in your chest. The best part about it is, if it all goes wrong you can block that person and never talk to them again.  
Common portals used by singles of all ages in New Zealand are, and the recently newly added flirt apps such as Zoosk or Tinder. Have fun now and worry about falling in love later. These things can often lead to love, but with the divorce rate being what it is, we should live a little before settling down with the first person we fall for. That is the beauty of these platforms. You can find out exactly what a person is looking for, and the two of you can keep it as casual or make it as serious as you want.  
When you meet someone in a bar they don’t come with a bio. You have to work them out. You know how these things are. You get a few drinks into you and what they are saying quickly becomes what you want to hear. 
Dating sites cater to the intentions of people on them. We can help you find a portal, which allows you to date or hookup with likeminded kiwis, without going through all that guess work. 

Online dating is a competitive market and these sites now offer more than just a list on singles 

Online dating evolved from classified ads and forums, and it was in these days that the misconceptions we are still fighting emerged. A classified was a list of singles which you could contact, and that was it. Now we have things like user profile, and whole albums of pictures. This all makes it easier to get to know a single. There are also perfected search capabilities, which allow you to narrow down a search with criteria such as interests, age, place of residence and much, much more. Singles can be saved as contacts and with mobile apps they can be contacted while on the go. 
The portals in our tests have all of the functionalities, and this is what makes them standout as the best dating portals for kiwis. 
We will go through the tests we run to further determine if a portal has what it takes:

The practical test

This is a straight forward test. We try out a portal, and we see if it is giving us prospects. Checking against practical criteria, like who is replying? 

The features and profiles

This test checks the search, messenger, and profile features. How does the assessed portal stack up in the industry? We determine if all the profiles are genuine. If they aren’t, then than Is a big red flag.

The user friendliness

A usability test, which determines how easy the portal is to use. If the layout is irritating and it is hard to navigate, you are not going to enjoy using the portal, and you are less likely achieve what you want to.  

The value for money

We compare the portal’s price against what is on the market. Factoring in the features on offer, and your chances of success using it. An expensive service can still be good value for money if it offers a lot of features. 


Are there any good free single portals? What are the best free dating apps?

The majority of free single portals are either unusable or downright dangerous. We hear horror stories about a video that was leaked onto the internet, or a guy who looked like Brad Pitt in the photos. You need to understand that you get what you pay for, and if you pay nothing, most of the time, you get nothing. Spend the money and get a decent service. 
It cost these companies money to make these dating sites. They invested in the development of the software, webhosting, and paying wages. The free sites still have these expenses, and they try recover these cost in less honest way. We recommend without exception only reputable dating sites and flirt apps (also free)! 
The average dating site is priced affordably at around $50 NZ a month. 
This price is depended on the portal and influenced by factors like.

  • The services offered
  • How long you subscribed for
  • The quality of these services
Details such as the cost, are all provided in the test reports we compiled, along with a value for money assessment.