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Conclusion: This distinctive New Zealand dating site offers members a cleverly-designed service which meets the needs of NZ singles who are keen to meet the right person. The partner suggestions are highly relevant as a result of a very sophisticated matching system based on member’s personalities! Every member’s personal data and preferences are taken into account and analysed through be2’s own Algorithm. Members are presented with a choice of potential partners. Some minor usability issues could be improved, but nonetheless the service is of a very high quality.

be2 at a glance:


  • Great interaction with other singles
  • Premium product, advanced matchmaking algorithm
  • Very active in New Zealand
  • User-friendly (website and app)
  • good value for money


  • Subscription plan with automatic renewal (however all dating services do this)
  • Insufficient price transparency (same for most dating services)

Our recommendation for more success

Give Be2 a try. If you decide to continue using the service, you can subscribe to a premium membership. You will need to become a premium member in order to communicate with other members, as is the case for most dating sites.

be2 numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 33 resulting conversations
  • 3 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio be2

Member statistics

57% Women

43% Men
Female ratio at be2

Suitability for Flirt

  • Preferred choice for serious relatioinship
  • Not only for elite singles

Suitability for Flirt

Local activity in New Zealand

  • Members in New Zealand: 370.000
  • Search trend: 1.000

Activity grade in New Zealand

1. be2 review: summary

We all hope to find true love one day and spend the rest of our life with THE one. We all deserve to be happy. These days, many people in New Zealand – and everywhere around the world - choose to use an online dating service to find their special someone. It has proven to be a reliable and efficient way to contact potential partners. On be2 potential partners are selected for each member and presented to them based on their personality test.

Be2 is one of the best known online dating sites in New Zealand. Our test was aimed at determining how well the site really works and how it compares to other dating services. One thing is for sure: Be2 is one of our preferred choices in New Zealand.

Conclusion practical test:
Our practical test showed Be2 to be a distinctive dating service. Once the personal profile has been completed, it is very easy to get a lot of new matches. Be2 puts members in contact with each other in a simple and efficient manner. Members on the site are serious and open. The results of our practical test were conclusive.

Conclusion functions and profiles:
The site’s features and functionalities are solid and reliable. The addition of some innovative features might make the user experience that little bit more interesting, but the quality and relevance of the partner recommendations prove that Be2 is still an excellent service. Profiles on the site are of very high quality without exception and the safe internal messaging system makes it very easy for users to get in touch with each other. Very good!
Conclusion customer friendliness:
The usability of Be2 is excellent. The design is sophisticated and pleasant to the eye. However, we found there was a lack of transparency in customer service contact details and procedures regarding membership termination. Still good.
Conclusion value for money:
Be2 New Zealand offers an excellent value for money. In view of the very positive results obtained in our contact test, we consider Be2 to be well worth it.


2. be2 practical test

This review of Be2 New Zealand is aimed at giving you a detailed overview of the online dating service. It can be difficult for a newcomer to determine the quality of a particular site and how it compares to other sites. We have tested Be2 for you and present you with our results.

In order to conduct our test we created 2 profiles on the site: One female and one male. First we analysed the free features which are available to non premium members. Then we upgraded to a premium membership and tested the full array of services offered by Be2 to paying members. The contact test has proven to be a key element of our overall assessment.

If you enter "Be2 experiences" on Google, the search results give both negative and positive user reviews. We have taken all these results into consideration for our review and present you with a fair analysis of Be2.

2.1 Be2 - First Impression

Our first impression of Be2 was excellent. The site is both professional and respectable. The homepage is elegantly presented and easy to navigate. We were impressed by the refined design and we were curious to find out more about the service. The registration process is very easy, instructions are clear and steps are easy to follow.

Picture: be2 New Zealand registration page

We were unable to find out about the costs of Be2 in New Zealand before registration. Like any other dating sites, the cost of Be2 is hidden. We could not find any mention of prices in The General Terms and Conditions either. Although this is standard practice in the industry, we find this is a lack of transparency and also the first drawback for Be2. You can find out more about prices here.

2.2 Be2 Contact Test

The contact test revealed how easily and quickly you can get to know other members on Be2. For a dating site to be successful, members have to be active and dynamic. This is certainly the case for Be2. The goal is to put members in contact with each other so that real relationships can develop. We have tested Be2 to find out how easy it is to get in touch with other members, in order to establish the success rate of the service.

30-day Contact Test on be2 New Zealand

>> passive contact requests: 21

• standard greetings: 0
• personal messages: 21

>> active contact requests: 50

• standard greetings: 0
• positive replies received: 0
• personal messages: 50
• positive replies received: 22

Success rate: 43 points out of 100
(Premium Membership)

21 contact requests plus 22 positive responses to contact attempts.

How does the contact test work?

  • The test takes place over a period of one month (30 days from the creation of the premium membership profile)
  • During this period, the number of successful contacts is counted.
  • 50 contact attempts (messages/greetings) will be made and up to 50 will be counted if received.
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts are automatically counted as a successful contact.
  • Outgoing (active) contact attempts only count as a successful contact if a positive response (a response that encourages you to continue the conversation) follows.
  • A maximum of 50 points can be awarded for successful incoming contacts, and 50 for successful outgoing contacts.
  • The result is denoted as x out of 100 points. For example: 50 successful contacts out of 100 attempts results in a score of 50/100.
Conclusion be2 practical test: The success of the practical test is primarily determined by the results of the contact tests. The results obtained during our test were extremely good. The matching system works very well. It’s very easy and enjoyable to meet new people on the site. The success rate for Be2 is 62/100 points. That means almost 2 out of 3 contact attempts were successful!


3. be2 functions and be2 profiles

3.1 How does Be2 work?

Step 1

Immediately after registration you are asked to fill in a personality test. The test takes about 15 minutes to complete and is aimed at finding out about the user’s opinions, interests, personality traits and preferences in a potential partner. Be2 has created a very user-friendly approach to determine your personality. The questions are straightforward and include a section on “Lifestyle” which we found most interesting.

After completing the personality test we were asked to create a personal welcome message which is visible to other members. This gives an opportunity to greet others.

Picture: Compatibility test on be2 New Zealand

Picture: Millions singles all over the world trust be2's matching algorithm

Step 2

Once the profile has been completed, there are a few more fun questions to answer. Unlike many other dating sites, Be2 is clear, uncomplicated and well presented. The user is not required to create a presentation text into several fields in order to present themselves. Be2 keeps it simple. The user is presented with multiple choice questions that can be answered by a simple click. Very good!

Picture: Lifestyle questions for better matching on be2 New Zealand

Picture: Profile of a be2 NZ user

Step 3

A list of prospective partners appeared on our personal homepage. We were presented with a long list of potential matches. All recommendations are based on the results of each member’s personality test. The Be2 index is a computer algorithm that indicates how well potential partners match your personality. You can sort the list, so that the members you are most compatible with, according to the Be2 index, are at the top.

It’s also possible to display the list of potential matches based on other criteria. Search criteria can be modified at any time. This is recommended when you wish to be more selective, or if you want to broaden your search and reach a greater number of potential partners.

Picture: Matches on be2 New Zealand

Picture: compatibility chart on be2 New Zealand

Step 4

Members can start contacting potential partners straight away. It makes little sense to wait to be contacted. Messaging is the only way to get in touch with matches at Be2. This is without doubt the most important communication tool for members and we find it is the best method to engage in conversations. There is no option to send a greeting "smile", "poke" or the like, but all you really need to communicate properly is a safe messaging system. Be2 messaging system is basic but reliable, which suits the site’s minimalist style.

3.2 Quality of the Profiles on Be2

We found very few fake profiles on the site. Be2 seems to monitor registrations effectively in order to offer members a genuine experience. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify your own profile whereas other dating sites provide voice, video or ID profile verification. Once profiles have been confirmed they are marked as “safe” so that other members are reassured on the person’s identity. Members feel safer that way and are encouraged to get in touch with each other. Let’s hope Be2 adds a verification feature in the future.

We noticed that some profiles didn’t include a photo, which is an essential element of the profile. Some members are shy or simply don’t want others to see them. Members are more likely to get in touch with someone who has a photo in their profile.

  • Complete your profile. The more you write about yourself, the higher your chances of getting in contact with other members. People want to get to know you. The information you provide will inform them on your opinions and interests and can be interesting subjects of conversation.
  • Upload as many photos as possible. Other members want to see what you look like. Don’t be shy! Choose a photo that you like! If you find someone you like, it’s only a matter of time before you meet in person anyway.
Conclusion be2 functions and profiles: Be2 New Zealand does not pretend to offer ultra modern features and unlimited possibilities. As expected, the site is sophisticated and minimalist. The site has a few solid functions that are easy to use and sufficient to provide a pleasant experience. Partner recommendations are highly relevant as they are based on the user’s expectations. Members are serious about meeting other people and profiles are very appealing. Very good!


4. Customer friendliness

On Be2 you can find answers to most of your questions in the detailed FAQs section. The FAQs are easy to find and clearly presented. However, there is no section on love and relationships. We believe this feature would add to the user experience.

4.1 Customer Service and Contact Options at Be2

Unfortunately, customer service seems to be insufficient at Be2 New Zealand. It's difficult to find the contact details and the FAQs don’t help there either. The contact information for customer service is available at the bottom of the page of the main contact section where a link to an email is provided. An email address is also noted in the terms and conditions, but it’s not immediately obvious where to find it. There is no phone number available.

We sent an email inquiry to the customer service department and received a relatively quick reply but we still think Be2 could improve customer service contact details. It was difficult to find out how to contact customer service.

be2 NZ contact details
  • E-Mail:
    customerservice [at]
  • Postal address:
    be2 New Zealand S.à.r.l.
    291, Route d'Arlon
    1150 Luxembourg

4.2 Membership Termination at Be2

It’s not easy to terminate your membership on Be2. Unfortunately it is common practice in the online dating industry to renew memberships automatically unless the customer sends a cancellation request within a specific notice period. Be2 is no exception. Minus points!

Please note: Don’t forget to cancel your premium membership if you have found love. Otherwise, the membership gets extended automatically.

You are required to write a letter or send a fax in order to terminate your contract. The membership cannot be cancelled online.

How to cancel be2 NZ quickly and easily:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I hereby cancel my be2 contract at the earliest date possible. Please send me confirmation of the termination date.

My email address: xxx

Best regards

My name: XXX”

And submit. Done!

Postal address:

be2 S.à.r.l.
291, Route d'Arlon

150 Luxembourg

Fax: +41 434302215

4.3 Be2 look&feel

The site is modern and well-designed providing members with a very pleasant experience. The interface is clear and simple. Nicely done!

4.4 Be2 Mobile Experience

Be2 New Zealand offers both a website and a mobile application. The Be2 app can be downloaded for free.

Conclusion be2 customer friendliness: Be2 is not perfect in terms of user-friendliness although both the website and the app offer good usability. The lack of phone number to reach customer service and poor cancellation options are costing Be2 some points. Still good!!


5. be2 Value-for-money ratio

5.1 Be2 - Prices

In New Zealand, just like elsewhere, only with a premium membership can you get the full Be2 experience. The messaging feature is only available to premium members. Like other dating sites, registration is free but only gives you a glimpse of the service. If you think the service is for you, you will have to buy a premium package. This is the business model Be2 is based on and we respect it. However, prices should reflect the services provided.

Remember: Don’t forget to cancel your Premium Membership if you have found love.

Why take out a Premium Membership with Be2?

Only as a Premium Member can you communicate with other users (send and read messages).

The Premium Membership includes:

  • Sending/reading messages from other users
  • See who visited your profile
  • View photos of partner recommendations
  • Add partner recommendations to a favourites folder

How much does the Be2 Premium Membership cost in New Zealand?

be2 NZ Costs
  • 3 months membership: $89,90 per month
  • 6 months membership: $49,90 per month
  • 12 months membership: $39,90 per month
Conclusion be2 value for money: In our opinion, Be2 offers great value for money. The site offers a relatively high-priced service which is justified by good matching algorithm.The pre-selected profiles presented to each member are in keeping with their expectations and desires, which makes the site a very dynamic meeting platform. Members are serious about meeting other singles in NZ. Our test results were very conclusive. Be2 is definitely worth a try!

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Flirt. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

be2 summary

Reviewed brand: be2
Evaluated by:
Last update:
Overall rating: 9 / 10

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