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Conclusion: Perhaps the best place for adult adventure of all types, this website has so much to offer. All the way from dating, chatting and flirting to content sharing and a discussion forum. AdultFriendFinder is a one stop shop for your online erotic needs.

AdultFriendFinder at a glance:


  • Interactive and engaging service a lot of content
  • Get into the mood for adult chat
  • Share your own videos and pics
  • Choose from a range of prices and options


  • Lots of adult content – not for everyone
  • Slightly confusing layout

Our recommendation for more success

Don’t take our word for it. Register on the site and get involved. Its very quick to register and there’s a lot you can do for free, including viewing first videos and looking through matches.


We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy it and if you want to go further there are lots of different prices and payment options. 

AdultFriendFinder numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 12 resulting conversations
  • 1 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio AdultFriendFinder

Member statistics

25% Women

75% Men
Female ratio at AdultFriendFinder

Suitability for Adventure

  • Enjoy all forms of adult chat and dating
  • A large and active global community

Suitability for Adventure

Local activity in New Zealand

  • Members in New Zealand: 200.000
  • Search trend: 6.600

Activity grade in New Zealand

1. AdultFriendFinder New Zealand review: overview

You won’t find a more comprehensive adult dating site than AdultFriendFinder. It features everything you might wish for when it comes to dating a exchanging content online. Videos, chat, forums – it’s all in there. A truly active and global service that is well loved.

We want to know how effective AdultFriendFinder is for NewZealand, so we tested the international site from a New Zealand perspective to bring you a full an in depth assesement.

Practical test and experience: A very engaging site to use, there is a lot of activity and interest from the first page. Seems like a good level of user engagement and contribution. Hard to beat in this segment.
Functions: A really broad range of functions and features means you’ll never be bored on AdultFriendFinder. It’s a really comprehensive service and while it can be confusing to understand what everything means, boring it isn’t.
User-friendliness: Ok. AdultFriendFinder is a big international company and they don’t give instant responses. Nonetheless, there is a customer service support function who will get back to you on any issues you have.
Value for money: It’s hard to comprare AdultFriendFinder to other sites because its really unique in the breadth of offer. We think, for everything it offers, its really good value.


2. Functions and profiles on AdultFriendFinder New Zealand

It's  easy to get going with the AdultFriendFinder service. Registration needs little more than 5 minutes with some basic questions about age and location. You do need to confirm your email address to access the service so don't be tempted to use a fake one; this won't work.

Note: Its a good idea to set up a seperate e-mail address using a different name for data protection purposes.

Having been to your personal email account and clicked back through to the site, you will be straight back at the member home page. This screen is a full of activity and interest. There is a lot of explicit material immediately on show - so don't do this at work! Some of the videos and image is are immediately on show, other stuff you have to subscribe, or there are options to just make one off payments to view bits of content.

There are also a wealth of features and search options including a magazine section and forum. However here are some of the main features you might use

Live Member Webcams

Your opportunity to have some seriously naughty exchanges with girls . It pretty much delivers what it promises and not only allows you to watch members' broadcasts, but also to send messages and make requests.

Picture: Member WebCam - AdultFriendFinder

Member Activity Feed

A continuous flow of new updates and content being created by members all over the world. View comments, pictures and links to fresh movie material.

Picture: Member Activity Feed - AdultFriendFinder

Live Model Chat

One of the ways in which AdultFriendFinder cleverly merges dating and porn is with this feature. It allows you to view professionally made porn and instruct paid for models to undress.

Picture: Live Model Chat - AdultFriendFinder


There are frequent contests on AdultFriendFinder. These are mostly concerned with submitting and voting for best member content.

Picture: Example of a contest - AdultFriendFinder

Naturally, you can also use AdultFriendFinder just as a great place to meet like-minded others. You can search through the member database and exchange messages with those you like. You can also exchange photos and meet up for dates, though it is a very international site, so you may find that some of your contacts live a long way away.

Summary of Functions and Features: Great variety of features to play with and keep users entertained. Very well developed and thought through.


3. AdultFriendFinder New Zealand Customer Service

Customer friendliness is a significant issue with online dating sites. The degree to which dating sites respond to the anxieties and problems their customers have varies a great deal between sites. How complex is it to get in touch with customer support? How swiftly do they respond to customer issues. Does the company use auto renewal of subscriptions?

Getting hold of Customer Support with AdultFriendFinder New Zealand

There is a considerable FAQ area on the AdultFriendFinder site and it is reasonable at handling most of the issues you are likely to encounter. By clicking through these pages you can also access a e-mail template where you can ask AdultFriendFinder any questions you have. There is no telephone line for customer support, but this is not unusual - especially for such a global site.

Look and feel of AdultFriendFinder New Zealand

Visually, AdultFriendFinder is fun if a bit 'busy'. The member start page is packed with offerings and links and newsfeeds. lots to get distracted by, but perhaps not the easiest to navigate.

AdultFriendFinder New Zealand Mobile functionality

AdultFriendFinder has an app for iphones and good compatibility with mobile browsers. The look and feel of both these mobile versions is very different and focuses more on the dating side of the site's service.

Picture: Mobile App - AdultFriendFinder

Summary of User Friendliness AdultFriendFinder New Zealand: A well designed site with good user interface. The customer services function is adequate if not amazing. A pass in this category.


4. AdultFriendFinder New Zealand Snapshot Test

The AdultFriendFinder New Zealand user test thoroughly explores all elements of AdultFriendFinder. To come up with an overall view of the user experience we created a profile on the platform and made use of it like a regular user (man seeks woman). Following this we had a look at all features and initiated first conversations.

We checked AdultFriendFinder New Zealand’s online reputation, reading through comment boards to understand how customers respond to the product.

First ideas about AdultFriendFinder New Zealand

AdultFriendFinder has an engaging and enjoyable member area that is full of things to do and temptations. It's got to be one of the most 'all bells and whistles' member home pages you can find on the web, this is in part due to the fact there are lots of pornographic images visible everywhere.

AdultFriendFinder blurs the boundaries between dating service and porn site in quite a clever way. The service is totally international and invites its members from all over the world to submit videos and pictures of themselves. It makes the service very exciting and gets you in the mood for starting instant chats with some of the girls online.

AdultFriendFinder is the all in one site for everything you desire sexually online. It is a dating service, a porn site, an advice service and a forum for erotic topics 

Picture: Landing Page - AdultFriendFinder

Contact Test

To get an opinion of the amount of members online, we ran a interaction assessment. Dating sites come in scores of diverse shapes, but always the most noteworthy issue for the punter is how many connections he or she gets involved with. How many matches get in touch and how many people respond to messages. Our contact ranking produces a value against this all-important assessment for every internet site we appraise. AdultFriendFinder New Zealand did really well in this test. There were a whole lot of members online and it looked like a ample spread of users over the state.

Results: Online as a man, we made 100 contact requests on AdultFriendFinder. These consisted of an assortment of all the various means of expressing interest. For example, by messaging or ‘winking’. We had 23 replies. This is a very respectable outcome for men initiating conversations with women on dating services and proves a good level of clients.

Profile quality of AdultFriendFinder New Zealand

The profiles we saw were generally of a high standard with lots of information and pictures. There were also a lot of profiles to choose from. Our only worry was that it could be difficult to differentiate the real content from the more professionally made content. 

Profile idea: When you’re spending time or cash with AdultFriendFinder, ensure you also devote some time on making your profile stand out. Give full answers to all the questions, make sure your information is up to date and, most importantly, upload exciting pictures ! Time you spend on these activities should not be time lost!

Are there any fake uers on AdultFriendFinder NZ?

Fake profiles are usually a difficulty for all dating services and the test is not whether they have fake profiles on their books, but how many. Our impression of AdultFriendFinder New Zealand was really fairly positive. AdultFriendFinder maintains a pretty decent system of profile validation and the majority of profiles gave the impression of being authentic. 

Conclusion AdultFriendFinder New Zealand Snapshot: AdultFriendFinder did well in our test. Lots of profiles with very active members. Always a lot of new users to see whenevwer you log in.


5. AdultFriendFinder New Zealand. Value for Money?

The large majority of dating websites hand out a - free of charge - introduction to their product, but to get full use of the site and really communicate with others you nearly always have to pay for a Premium Account. AdultFriendFinder New Zealand is not an exception and to communicate with your matches, you are going to have to pay. We are not going to question the necessity of this. In the end, customers always have to pay if they want to use a reliable service. Rather, we concentrate on how AdultFriendFinder New Zealand comes out on a ‘value for money’ equation. Is it reasonably priced overall?

Exclusive benefits of Premium Membership on AdultFriendFinder New Zealand
  • Communicate freely with members
  • Watch hot videos
  • Comment on videos and pics
How much does the full service on AdultFriendFinder New Zealand cost?
  • A 12 month subscription costs  $9.95 per month  
  • A 3 months subscription costs  $14.95 per month
  • To sign up just for one month only costs  $29.95

*these prices were current at the time of writing, but may change

We recommend you go for the six month subscription period. It’s a large initial price, but once done you’ll be able to really settle down and use the service well.

Watch out: Premium Membership will be renewed unless you instruct AdultFriendFinder not to do so.
Summary of AdultFriendFinder New Zealand’s prices and value: AdultFriendFinder offers something distinct from any of the competition. It is a uniquely erotic, global and participatory site that guarantees to be entertaining at the very least. It has a wide range of pricing options so that you can try it out before committing to a large subscription sum. If you like the idea of this special mix of porn and dating then AdultFriendFinder is worth spending money on.


Final tip: With many adult dating women are in control. More so than with matchmaking services, they need to be won over and wooed. Often women are not as willing to engage in casual encounters as their male counterparts, and this dynamic means as a man, you just have to work a bit harder. Don’t kick against this. Just take care and trouble over your messaging.

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Adventures. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

AdultFriendFinder summary

Reviewed brand: AdultFriendFinder
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Last update:
Overall rating: 5 / 10

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