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Conclusion: The greatest dating site for cougars, as well as toyboys in New Zealand, has demonstrated that it meets its client’s expectations. In spite of a couple negative audits with respect to its user-friendliness, CougarLife is the main entry for full grown ladies and more youthful men in New Zealand.

CougarLife at a glance:


  • Confident ladies at their sexual crest
  • Young, alluring men open for new encounters
  • Cougars and toyboys are agreeable
  • Over 7 Million individuals around the world


  • Subscription model with programmed reestablishment (like each easygoing dating gateway)
  • Room for improvement in the area of user-friendliness

Our recommendation for more success

Get included and start conversing with different individuals in your area. It is the main way you will get achievement rapidly. To begin with, exploit the free enlistment choice to show signs of improvement comprehension of the entry with no danger included.

CougarLife numbers

Success ratio

  • 100 contact requests in our test profile
  • 8 resulting conversations
  • 1 out of 10 requests get an answer.

Contact ratio CougarLife

Member statistics

52% Women

48% Men
Female ratio at CougarLife

Suitability for Adventure

  • Biggest Cougar dating site in New Zealand
  • Good functions and great profiles

Suitability for Adventure

Local activity in New Zealand

  • Members in New Zealand: 100.000
  • Search trend: 2.000

Activity grade in New Zealand

What is Cougar-Dating?

Cougars are experienced ladies who precisely recognize what they need. Typically these carefree women are more than 30 years of age, once in a while even more established than 39 years and they truly need to make the most of their lives once more.

You wouldn't even perceive their age because ladies are fearless, striking, and they are in their prime. Presently they need to experience the real life, yet would prefer not to surrender their flexibility and play a man's housewife. That is the reason they swing to more youthful men, supposed toyboys, helps, or MILF-Hunters (ten years younger), to experience their enthusiasm.

What's more, of course - it's mostly about sex and suggestion. Cougars get together with their toyboys additionally to go out together. It's not extraordinary for them to gladly hotshot their young prey/victory. Legitimately in this way, because these ladies don't permit society to place them into a box and Cougars paying bills for men suits this way of life fine and dandy.

Numerous Cougars have built up another, self-ruling flexibility for themselves. For instance: The kids have left home, separate has been set apart for, the vocation is gong extraordinary and the adult lady at last needs to focus on her longings without having to surrender her flexibility.


1. CougarLife review: summary

As described by Wikipedia "Cougar is a slang term alluding to more seasoned ladies looking for connections or sexual relations with extensively more youthful men."

Both sides merits:

  • "Cougars" discover youthful, beguiling men looking for experiences.
  • "Toyboys" find exotic, appealing ladies willing to go on their experience.

A Summary Of The Test Results Of CougarLife:

Practical test and experience: The practical test has proven that CougarLife really works in NZ. The individuals are amiable and vivacious. The contact test demonstrated 19 out of 100 contact endeavors to result in a positive reaction. Every fifth contact attempt was a win. Great! Capacities and Profiles
Functions and Profiles: The profiles are anything but difficult to round out however are sufficiently enlightening to distinguish coordinating communications. We have experienced just a couple fake-profiles, being completely inside of reason. In any case, CougarLife gets a little less point for using animators to lure non-paying users. The functions themselves are great. There are no developments, however, to be completely forthright; there is no requirement for them. Everything is provided to achieve your objective. Generally speaking: Good!
User-friendliness: Client administration doesn't persuade, and the cancelation process is lengthy. Configuration and operation are impeccably subtle, yet CougarLife doesn't get an entirely convinced rating. There is some room for improvement.
Value for money: The costs are not precisely flat, but rather consequently you will get a service that is extremely one of a kind to New Zealand. If you're willing to overlook some issues with user-friendliness, you will certainly have a decent time. Value execution proportion: Ok!


2. CougarLife Practical Test

The most imperative piece of our evaluation is the viable test. Here we tackle the part of men and ladies needing to utilize and using the dating gateway. So we make a test profile to have the capacity to test CougarLife as sensibly as you could expect. We create both a female and a male profile. With the assistance of these test profiles, we navigate the entrance testing all elements, client administration and, of course, how amiable the individuals are. The essential inquiries are: Does CougarLife work? Is it worth it, regardless all the hiccups to enroll with CougarLife!

We demonstrate to all of you favorable circumstances and inconveniences of CougarLife!

2.1 First Impression of CougarLife

The initial impressioin is great, the site appears to be honest to goodness and expert. There is shockingly not a great deal of data accessible with respect to the portals usefulness. There are a few headings in the FAQ-area, yet a point by point direction does look changed. The media area is useful, however, to pick up an exhaustive knowledge. There you can discover a PDF record offering a point by point depiction of CougarLife.

Picture: Cougar Life NZ registration page

There you can likewise realize some intriguing actualities about CougarLife's individuals: Apparently all ladies are single and in no genuine relationship, 51% of them are separated, 47% unmarried and 2% widowed. Strikingly, the dominant part of separated ladies got separated just as of late (within the previous twelve months), that being 42% of all women. As indicated by the report, 31% of all girls are single parents. The cougar's standard age should be 39 years, that of a toyboy professedly 29 years.

In addition to that, Sabrina Rymarowics, CougarLife's spokeswoman stated:

“CougarLife was built on the fact that nowadays, there are many successful, confident and independent single-women who don't have a problem to start an affair or relationship with a significantly younger man.”

It's agonizing that you can't find any price information before enrolling. Besides, that being a typical routine of dating service suppliers, it's by the dark. CougarLife gets here its first minus point. We show you the cost structure here.

2.2 Contact-Test On CougarLife

The contact test evaluates how friendly the individuals on CougarLife are. It's a vital part of each dating site. That is the reason the contact test's result looks like the most critical test outcome and has a noteworthy impact on the general rating of the dating site CougarLife for this situation. Just when different members are interested in associated with new individuals, effective being a tease is conceivable. By the way: It goes without saying that we didn't consider the contact endeavors or answers of animators. (see profile quality).

30-day Contact Test on Cougar Life New Zealand

>> passive contact requests: 4

  • standard greetings: 2
  • personal messages: 2

>> active contact requests: 50

  • standard greetings: 5
  • to which positive replies received: 1
  • personal messages: 45
  • to which positive replies received: 14

Success rate: 19 from 100 points
(premium membership)

4 contact requests plus 15 positive responses to contact attempts

How does the contact test work?

  • The test takes place over a period of one month (30 days from the creation of the premium membership profile)
  • During this period, the number of successful contacts is counted.
  • 50 contact attempts (messages/greetings) will be made and up to 50 will be counted if received.
  • Incoming (passive) contact attempts are automatically counted as a successful contact.
  • Outgoing (active) contact attempts only count as a successful contact if a positive response (a response that encourages you to continue the conversation) follows.
  • A maximum of 50 points can be awarded for successful incoming contacts, and 50 for successful outgoing contacts.
  • The result is denoted as x out of 100 points. For example: 78 successful contacts out of 100 attempts results in a score of 78/100.

2.3. Conclusion: CougarLife Practice Evaluation and Experiences

The contact test's result was excellent. Out of 100 contact endeavors, 19 were effective. It implies that each fifth attempt was trailed by an affirmative answer and brought about a discussion. Rating: Good!


3. Functions and Profiles on CougarLife

The registration is fool proof. At first you select the tag you are looking for cougars or toyboys and how old they ought to be. You additionally have a chance to choose, which city you want to date a lady or guy. The following snappy step includes an information veil, where individual information is put something aside for your profile. On the other hand, you can sign in using Facebook, which is much less demanding and less complicated (the other question is: Do you really want that?!).

Suggestions for your Profile:
  • Upload as many pictures to your profile as possible. You will see that this will fundamentally expand your opportunities to be a tease. Above all else, you will acquire trust and furthermore, your profile's legitimacy develops.

  • Complete your profile however much as could reasonably be expected. The more details you give, the more matches with different individuals are conceivable. It builds possibilities of contact.

Picture: The more questions you answer, the better your profile


Privacy protection assumes an imperative part on CougarLife. Extraordinary, after everything you would prefer that your neighbors or collaborators shouldn't notice you on this site. You have to investigate the segment ''My Profile''>''Privacy''. There you ought to change a couple of settings on the off chance that you might want to remain to a great extent mysterious while utilizing the dating entry.

Picture: We recommend to adjust your privacy settings as shown on the picture above

The profile on CougarLife has a segment for private pictures. These photos are at first not visible for some other part. Strictly when chosen individuals have gotten singular consent (''key'') are they ready to see these photos. For every review authorization you get, survey consent will consequently be given. We prescribe to incapacitate this capacity under ''security''.

Picture: Pictures can be shared privately on Cougar Life NZ

Fake Profiles

CougarLife's profile quality is great. We occasionally experienced profiles suspicious of being a trick. That is still worthy for Casual Dating Portals. It's standard practice for scammers to make fake profiles on dating locales and attempting to bait individuals to different sites. Only keep your eyes open! If a profile appears to be suspicious to you, maintain a strategic distance from or piece it!

CougarLife tragically doesn't check profiles. Neither physically nor consequently, would that be a first step, however, to destroy fake profiles. Other than that, CougarLife could offer individuals an intentional ID check, much the same as other dating destinations frequently do. That would give extra security and recognize real profiles from conceivable fake ones. Need improvement!


Verify, if a profile being referred to is a premium part. Premium profiles are normally not fake. Tricksters stay away from these expenses.


We would prefer not to conceal the certainty from you, that CougarLife utilizes animators on their entryway. These are individuals furnishing diversion with the assistance of an imaginary profile. CougarLife controls these animators using a framework called Cougars CS. It takes a touch of practice to perceive the fake profiles. Try not to be tricked! These animators may send you messages and blessings. However, you can't meet them! Because of the way that you can pick against being reached on your profile, the short point is just a little one.


Try not to be betrayed by fake profiles of animators! CougarLife states in its terms and conditions: "ougar's Cs™ communicates with guest users, but not members.“ This means that a premium subscription likewise shields you from animators.

3.2 Search Functions On CougarLife

The hunt capacity envelops all credits to discover coordinating individuals quickly and easily while being targeted. Our test pursuit indicated numerous matches. We then refined our pursuit criteria. At last we had a rundown with various suitable and fascinating profiles. Good!

Picture: adjust your search criteria

Extra to a pursuit considering region and age, you can find a great deal more criteria. The accompanying elements have been taken into account in our test:

  • Have pictures
  • Have private pictures
  • Is online
  • Ready to talk
  • New members
  • Just outsiders
  • wants a date today

With the assistance of these K.O. Criteria, profiles as of now out of Inquiry can rapidly get eliminated.

Picture: Search results on Cougar Life NZ

Further hunt elements are looks (build, eye shading, hair shading), the dialect talked and watchwords, which can go into a free content field.

If you have discovered an engaging and intriguing profile in the rundown, just tap on it. Presently you can see every open picture and also profile data. The following step is getting dynamic and reaching the part.

Picture: An interesting profile on Cougar Life NZ

3.3 Communication Functions On CougarLife

There are five to six alternative to reach different individuals on Cougar Life NZ

Picture: Different ways to communicate

Composing a message

This is the best way to get in touch with interesting ladies. It's definitely the favored technique in our test. The points of interest are:

  • The part does not have to be online
  • You can specifically allude to the profile in your message
  • You can likewise send to alternate individual message, a present, and a solicitation to share the private pictures.

Picture: You can send virtual gifts to other Cougar Life NZ members

Beginning A Chat

In the event that the chosen profile is on the web, you can start visiting with the individual promptly. You can make chitchat and become more acquainted with the other individual rapidly.

Sending A Flirt

It is a standard greeting without a customized message. We don't think that it’s exceptionally suitable for a first contact. It's somewhat pleasant for an established contact. Here is a piece of flirt content: “Hey, take a look at my profile and let me know if you would be interested in connecting.”

Sending A Gift

On CougarLife, you can send different presents to different profiles. It is a virtual present, the gifts exists in the type of a photo. We couldn't do much with it in our test, yet there are certainly ladies and men, turning out to be more congenial along these lines.

Everybody ought to be mindful that it presumably won't prompt much accomplishment just to send these solicitations, in spite of the fact that this is conceivable. It bodes well to send this solicitation just in combination with a message or contact has as of now been set up.


A VIP-Message shows up at the highest point of the beneficiaries' inbox. What's more, keeps on doing as such, regardless of the possibility that different messages have arrived a short time later. It ensures the message to get more consideration.

Picture: Some Cougars know exactly what they want

Picture: We have contacted a fair number of cougars within a few days

3.4 CougarLife Features And Profile Conclusion

The profiles on CougarLife are alright. They are useful and simple to oversee. We particularly preferred the settings to protect anonymity and security. Besides, the number of fake profiles is sensible. Caution: CougarLife does utilize animators to contact clients (minor minus point). Functions are designed well and suit their purposes. By and large: Good!


4. CougarLife's User-Friendliness

CougarLife offers a little FAQ segment where you can discover some data on utilizing the stage. It isn't primarily yielding. It could be a requirement for development!

When testing dating sites we dependably evaluate client services as well as how users can access it.

CougarLife gives contact form and telephone number to communicate with them. This needs to be highlighted, since scarcely any dating site gives a phone number to clients to contact the administration.

Obviously did we test the contact form and swung to client administration with an imaginary issue. The outcome was alright. Client administration answered two days after the fact and had the capacity to alter the problem.

4.2. Cancelling Cougar Life

Shockingly, CougarLife premium membership will be naturally expanded if not wiped out by time. Even though It is standard practice for every dating site, we don’t like it!

Tip: Remember to cross out your Premium enrollment in the wake of getting in attach with enough cougars or toyboys.

Tragically does CougarLife make it hard to delete your premium subscription. We did some exploration and will demonstrate to you here, best practices to continuing.

How to cancel CougarLife premium membership

#1. As per the Terms & Conditions, it is just conceivable to cross out using the telephone. Next issue, the expressed phone number is in the USA and administration hours allude to the US-time zone (EST). In any case, call and scratch off! Phone number in the USA: 001 866 665 1507 From 9:00 to 19:00 (Eastern Time).

#2. To be entirely confident, compose an email disavowing your premium enrollment and wiping out it afresh, just to be cautious. It will resemble this:

“Dear Sir or Madam,

I hereby make use of my right of revocation and cancel my premium membership within the period fixed. In case you do not accept, I reaffirm the cancellation already made by phone (at the earliest date possible).

Please confirm in writing.

My email address is: xxx

My pseudonym: xxx

Kind regards”

Send to and Done!

Once again: You must express the email address you've enlisted with at CougarLife and also the moniker. You must be identifiable. Remember to send it!

It sounds like a great deal more than it is. Numerous CougarLife clients report which their undoing by telephone and email went with no issues.

CougarLife gets a significant short point for the confounded abrogation process.

4.3 CougarLife's Operation and Design

The operation of the site is not an issue by any means. Everything is clear, and the capacities are visible. Controlling it is in this way indeed stupid. However, now and again stacking blunders of individual profiles happened. Nothing to truly stress over, yet disturbing the general experience a bit. The configuration is well made and engaging, making the stay wonderful.

4.4. CougarLife App

Currently, CougarLife offers an App specifically in English. You can tease while being all over the place. The App provides every one of the capacities accessible on the site. The application is well-planned and is anything but difficult to utilize. You can easily get the iOS app and on Android as well.

4.5 CougarLife User-Friendliness Conclusion

CougarLife is among the hassle-free or rather easy to employ dating sites. Customer friendliness has room for improvement, especially when talking about cancellation procedures
General CougarLife gets an average result in this area: Potential for development!


5. Price-Performance Ratio

CougarLife does it like the various dating entries: You can hurry your Premium participation if not crossed out right in time enough. CougarLife gets a minus point for that. We do feel satisfied by the truth, which wiping out ought to be with three days prior to the first term closes. That is moderately reasonable.

Without premium enrollment you can investigate CougarLife without any dangers included, yet in the event that you need to tease and meet cougars or toyboys, you do need the premium participation. That is unavoidable. Just with this you can compose or read messages. We do for the most part believe that it's alright for CougarLife to charge for its administration. Each primary and respectable dating entryway depends on pay.

Picture: Premium users are allowed to send unlimited messages

Don't disregard to delete your premium enrollment once more. It's best to scratch off the reestablishment specifically in the wake of purchasing the premium subscription. That way you can't overlook and have the capacity to search for cougars or toyboys in peace. Here are a few strides on how you can go through the process.

What does CougarLife cost?

Participation for ladies is free. Simply the sending of messages and presents obliges credits, which you must purchase ahead of time.

Men require a premium subscription to have the capacity to send messages.

CougarLife's Premium Membership Services
  • Perusing and Writing of messages (totally relevant)
  • Listing in the top search results (useful)
  • Highlighted position within search results (useful)
  • Suggestions for new Cougars (useful)
  • Premium part evidence (useful for getting a charge out of the trust of different individuals)
  • 6-hour first-time access for new Cougar (quite nice, yet not an absolute necessity)

What a membership on CougarLife costs
  • 1-month length of time + 100 Credits
    CougarLife Price: $40 /month
  • 3 month length of time + 500 credits
    CougarLife Price: $29 / month
  • 12-month length of time + 3000 Credits
    CougarLife Price: $12 / month
  • Extra Use of CougarLife App
    One-off charge: $5
CougarLife credits are necessary for:
  • Sending a standard message (5 credits)
  • Sending a VIP message, showing up at the highest point of the inbox (5 credits)
  • Sending gifts (5-35 credits)
  • Sending a flirt (5 Credits)
  • Showing Cougars who might want to get together that day (5 credits for every day)

Picture: CougarLife price table in New Zealand

5.2. CougarLife Price-Performance Ratio

CougarLife is not inexpensive. If you accept the needs in client kind disposition, CougarLife can be a considerable fun as well as give you extra esteem. Particularly since CougarLife is the main dating site for cougars in New Zealand. By and large: the price performance ratio is fine!

Need more information on this topic? Please have a look at our category overview page: Adventures. We hope you'll find some additional helpful information there.

CougarLife summary

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Overall rating: 3 / 10

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