The 4 most popular female erotic fantasies

What are women deaming about? If we believe the common clichès ( and the romantic Hollywood comedies), the women’s fantasies are all about the prince of their dreams who chivalrously seduce her, marry her and make her pregnant. Erotic fantasies are purely reserved for men as they think about it at least once per hour anyway.

Although it’s proven that men are thinking more often about sex than women, that doesn’t mean women never waste much thought on Sex.

Quite the opposite: First of all sex takes place in your head, same for women.

Already in 1973, the book „My secret garden“ (about the sexual fantasies of women) debunked the preconception that women don’t have „naughty thoughts“.

In the sampled interviews, women disclosed their secret dreams of sexual domination and submission, of exhibitionism and voyeurism, of sex with strangers and group sex.

What was a revelation in the seventies should not amaze anybody nowadays...but there was again a huge interest in 2013 when another book on the same topic was published „gardens of desire“. This update showed that not a lot has changed even after 40 years: Women still have eclectic fatasies, very lively, playfully and sometimes outright filthy.

An  international poll conducted by the casual dating website C-date confirmed that sexual fantasies are not only a male domain. Men and women of 11 countries were asked what sex fantasie turn them on the most. It revealed  these 4 most popular female fantasies:

  1. Every third women dreams of having sex at a special location. This was most popular...
  2. ...followed by having sex with more than one person at the same time...
  3. ...role play...
  4. ...and experiences with the same sex.

Not everybody will act out these fantasies but most of the questioned agreed that it would be nice if these erotic dreams would be followed up by action.

Altogether 75% of them would absolutely like to act out their sexual fantasies or at least to a certain extent...all others can keep their fantasies to themself or exchange them online with others.

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