8 Ingredients for the perfect date

1.    The proper partner

Where there is no spark there cannot be fire. During online dating you’ll find out online what interests your partner has and what they expect from the date. It’s mostly women who are spoilt for choice but avoid to have too many dates because they want to be able to be fully involved in each of them.

2.    The proper location

Especially at the first date it is the best to meet at a public place. No matter how perfect the online profile might look – only when you meet face to face you’ll find out whether your chemistry matches.

3.    A perfect outfit for the date

General rule: Not too casual, not too stylish. Best is to wear something you feel comfortable in and is not far from your everyday style. For more inspiration have another look at the profile of your partner, the pics might give you a hint what she would fancy.

4.    What to wear underneath

Women know that Bridget Jones dilemma: Do you better wear reasonable, comfortable underwear that might even mask some of your additional pounds and let you look sexy so you increase the chances to get laid at the end of the evening? Or do you go for the sexy lingery that is uncomfortable the whole evening just to be prepared for any stripping off later? Best is a compromise between the two – comfy but presentable...you never know what’s going to happen!

5.    The proper venue

Never go to your usual hangout pub, but also not to a restaurant you’ve never been before. Better check any new places out at least once with friends or alone so you know what to expect.

6.    Aphrodizing appetizers

When meeting the first time for drinks or dinner, the food and beverages could help you having a successful date. Alcohol relaxes and lowers the inhibition threshold, oysters raise the testosteron level, chillies make your blood boil and chocolate gives you a nice boost of seretonin. A romantic atmosphere in an intimate setting that forces you to move closer together would do the rest.

7.    A plan B

You never know how a date pans out, so you better have a plan B – for the case it runs well and for the case it turns out awful and you like to elegantly withdraw from the date

8.   An open mind

A date is the chance to meet the love of a lifetime but maybe also an opportunity to meet a new friend or just have a nice affair... Don’t restrict yourself with certain expectations, let yourself be surprised.