Pick-up lines for dating apps: Do’s Don’ts and basic rules

The fast-paced communication at dating apps leads, besides the crucial profile pic (a bad one is gone in one swipe), to an increasing importance of your pick-up line with Tinder and Co. If you can get somebody to laugh or become interested in you with your first message, you got one foot in the door already – and hopefully soon the chance to win that person over personally.

We present  some tips for Tinder one-liner, Tinder chat tips, but also pick-up lines that works well at Zoosk, Badoo and other dating apps.

These pick-up lines are winners at dating apps:

Similar to pick-up lines in a Disco, the man has to do the first step, preferably with a good pick-up line. So here you find some lines that are well received by women.

You should basically study all profile pics and get all the information provided out of them.

If your refer to something that was revealed in the pic, your chances to get a positive response will increase.

  • Funny pick-up lines, especially those showing you take yourself not too seriously.
  • Compliments, but only witty ones that are meant honestly.
  • Proposals for a date. Preferrably novel ones, example: „You like XY? I got tickets/reservation – you fancy going?“
  • Interesting Questions. Example: „ What is the craziest/most exciting thing you ever did?“ „Where is your favorite place to chill out“ „What year would you travel to if you had a time machine?“
  • Some exiting facts/trivial knowledge – something that triggers interest and queries.

These bad pick-up lines you should better not use at dating apps:

These poor lines are sadly still used.

  • „ Hey what’s up?“ „What are you doing?“
  • Explicit invitations to sexual intercourse
  • Explicit description of sexual fantasies
  • Insults (also after the second or third message declining your sexual advances).
  • Common compliments, like „you are pretty“ „You got nice eyes/hair/tits“

Pictur Source: winnond/FreeDigitalPhotos.net