Sex without emotion? That’s how lust without love works!

Sex without emotions can be exciting, enriching and straightforward, but especially women have problems to separate lust from love. Even as a young girl, they already have internalized that romantic love should be the only goal of their quest, as it should be for a good fairy tale princess. As a result, a guilty conscience is plaguing many women, if they catch themself having erotic thoughts that do not culminate in the wedding with the prince of their dreams.

Now it is time to put the fairy tales including their female role models to the mental wastebasket and write a more interesting story. Modern women can of course still dream of a prince, but who says that there is only one of them? Or that princesses can not first have fun with a few frogs until they find the right one?

Why sex without emotions is good for you:

1. Setting aside the emotions and the entire relationship, sex is the main thing. And often for the first time in their life really good for the women.

2. Sex without emotion also means: Sex without shame, without false restraint, without deferral of own needs... and suddenly you can quite freely experiment, try out and enjoy.

3. Practice makes perfection. After you tried out all positions, you soon create something of your own what will impress the next partner.

4. Be desired and to turn on a man is great for self-confidence even though no love is involved.

5. Just because it's not love, you don’t have to deny affection and intimacy. Caressing feels good and helps bridging a losing streak and works wonders against stress.

There are only a few rules for sex without emotions. If you remember them, nothing prevents you from having lust without love:

1 Sex without emotions only works if both want lust without love. Don’t fake feelings when there are none and don’t engage in a sex-relationship if you know that your partner is secretly hoping for more.

2. Honesty is essential. Concerning the status of the relationship as well as all sexual desires, ideas and fantasies. If you're already on a purely physical relationship, then it should be as rewarding as possible.

3. Clear limits are important. Separate your sex life from your private life. A pure fuck-friend should not be introduced to your parents, taken on birthday parties of friends, or should otherwise be included in your life. This is at first a bit odd, but could be quite liberating.

4. When emotions creep into the relationship, it changes and must be spoken about. When the feelings are mutual, then a relationship can develop from that affair. If not, it's better to stop the contact completely.

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