Dating and Facebook: What's your love life doing in your social network?

Although Facebook is considered already for years as the dating network of the future, and Facebook is the most important advertising platform for online dating sites, and the Facebook login is part of the standard functionality of a dating site by now... in spite of all that, all attempts to use Facebook itself as an online dating site failed.

Why are Facebook users not interested in finding a partner?

1. Facebook is more or less an exchange platform with friends. What led people on one hand from posting embarrassing pictures to unwanted insights into their personal emotional state by generally giving away too much of yourself, it prevents them on the other hand from opening up to "Strangers". And online dating is basically mainly between strangers. Men who don't understand that and send unasked pick-up messages to foreign women are going to be punished with a correspondingly low success rate.

2. Although most relationships traditionally resulting from within the circle of friends, nobody dares to openly search for a partner in their circle of Facebook friends. That was proven by the (lack of) success of the app "Bang with Friends". When establishing that concept - arranging one night stands between willing Facebook friends – it created only a short-lived hype. Today the app is named DOWN, is completely unknown and is hardly used.

3. Also singles, while openly showing their relationship status on Facebook, keeping their dating escapades for themselves. At least until it is time to change the status of the relationship again...

Why can’t we nevertheless think about dating without Facebook?

1. Having a Facebook profile often saves you the tedious task of designing your dating profile. From Badoo via Zoosk to Tinder, the various sites and apps allowing the use of the Facebook profile as a base. No matter whether login through Facebook and use of profile pictures or partner recommendation based on the Facebook preferences...the link between Facebook and the dating site is practical and useful, as long as the information exchange goes in one direction only

2. Facebook is financed through advertising and dating providers are among its largest customers. Strict guidelines ensure that the ads meet a certain quality standard and that it is conducted in a reputable fashion.

From researching before the first date to the Facebook-stalking after the separation...We are informing us online about current, future, and former partner and - no matter how the security settings are -  you'll find a lot about others on Facebook.


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