The Best Sex Apps / Sex Sites 2016 for New Zealand

Hooking up online or with mobile apps has become a quintessential part of single life. And not only singles are attracted to sexy online dating – it can be a discreet way to find an affair or even spice up a couple's love life with an erotic adventure.

Specialized sex dating sites and sex dating apps make finding a sex partner in NZ for a no-strings encounter as simple as click, click, swipe. The trend is referred to as casual dating, emphasising the similarity to “ordinary dating sites,” the biggest difference being that both men and women aren't looking for a permanent commitment.

Here, we've compiled the most promising casual dating websites and apps that can make 2016 the most fulfilled year ever! One word of advice before you sign up: Do your research and only register with trustworthy services that deliver what they promise!

Sex Apps: try something new or spice up your sex life

Singles can specify their fantasies, desires and preferences, to find a partner who shares the same sexual preferences. Some apps explicitly cater to people who are in a relationship and want to cheat on their partner or experience something new as a couple. A discreet fling can help them spice up their sex life – or invigorate a relationship by seeking out swingers or singles interested in a threesome. If you would prefer to only be matched with singles, you can select this option in your profile.

Best Sex Dating apps and websites in New Zealand

Today's casual dating apps and websites are a far cry from the seedy sex sites found in the dark corners of the Internet. They are sleek, modern lifestyle products that don't just meet the needs of men, but also tap into the wishes of self-determined, confident women looking to live out their desires without getting tied down in a relationship. The acceptance of these services, both by men and women, proves that casual dating has filled a niche.

Nevertheless, you should choose carefully before you sign up for a casual dating site. We have tested all the major NZ sex dating sites, as well as several popular apps, and can recommend the following services.


C-Date is the global market leader in the field of casual dating and practically launched the casual dating trend single-handedly. C-Date connects more than 20 million registered members looking for sex dates in more than 35 countries. It is probably the most reputable and discreet service dedicated purely to erotic encounters. The only drawback: There is no C-Date smartphone app, so you have to access the website through a browser.

Read our detailed review of C-date here


Lisa18 is the younger and somewhat bolder sex dating subsidiary of the company that launched C-date. The two services access a shared database, so – even if you have never heard of the brand - you will find plenty of contacts for a sex date through Lisa18. The main difference is that Lisa18 employs a slightly different matching logic, so you will find other suggested contacts than those selected by C-date. Why not try it out to find out which one suits you best?

More on Lisa18 here


In addition to dedicated casual dating apps, there's been a lot of talk about sex dating through Tinder. Although it is not necessarily defined as a hookup app, Tinder is used by many for this purpose precisely. According to a survey, more than 80% of  men and over 50 % of women are using the phenomenally popular app to find sex. Unlike the casual dating sites, however, most Tinder users are slow to admit that they are “only” looking for sex. It's pretty obvious that Tinder offers a very superficial dating experience – it offers little information on matches, beyond their picture – but on the other hand, the slogan “friends, dates, relationships, and everything in between” implies that sex is not the main focus.

In order to get the most out of casual dating in 2016, we recommend using a combination of C-date or Lisa18 and Tinder. Opt for the sex dating site that best appeals to you and additionally, see who's available on Tinder in your area (knowing they may not be open to no-strings attached sex). Hopefully this strategy will lead the way to a fulfilled sex life in 2016 . The internet and your smartphone make it possible