New Zealand's sexiest workout

New Zealand Women Prefer Cowgirl and Men Get Pumped for Doggie Style

Good news for couch potatoes: Sex isn't just fun – it burns calories and keeps you fit. Why bother going to the gym when you can get all the exercise you need in the bedroom? Our recent research - accompanied by a poll - shows that you can get down and dirty making out with your partner and burn more calorie than you do hitting the gym.

Instead of hitting the gym, sexercisers start off by kissing for ten minutes (and burning 13 calories). Next, undressing each other burns eight calories each.  Once things heat up, it's time to melt some fat and  build up muscle with different positions. Ladies doing it cowgirl style burn 35 calories within ten minutes - and get a great core workout. The male partner gets to enjoy the view – and burns 15 calories at the same time. The missionary position, on the other hand, lets guys get more active, burning 43 calories. And - as if anyone needed another reason to reach an orgasm – both sex partners can burn 100 calories each by coming. That's the equivalent of 38 minutes of yoga!

By committing at no cost to an hour in the am and an hour at night of creative roll-playing sex, you can zap more calories and unleash more energy than a dull and boring sleepy-time gym session.

RED ALERT – You must be open to explosive orgasms!

Our poll indicates New Zealander’s love sex upside down, inside out and backwards; with Cowgirl, Doggy Style, On the Table, Oral Sex and Legs Up, ranking in the top positions. Where do you fit in?

And there’s no need to worry about hitting your plateau or getting bored because DIVERSITY is the name of the game with SEXERCISE.

Our continuous market analysis shows that singles in particular are using dating more like a sport in every shape and form imaginable. Where the no-strings attached “dates” are on the rise and websites and apps are in full support.

Bonuses of Popular Sex Positions for Girls

  • On The Table is excellent for toning those inner thigh muscles when you squeeze tight as he’s thrusting.
  • Cowgirl Style is awesome for that killer total body workout, strengthening your core and forcing your hips to tone and tighten.
  • Legs Up will help you create that lower body six-pack and by lifting your shoulders as he enters, pushing against him, you are killing the crunch.

Bonuses of Popular Sex Positions for Guys

  • Standing is going to challenge every single muscle and fiber in your body, not to mention the heated cardio.
  • Doggy Style is an awesome take control position for strengthening your abs, hips, and building bulging muscles in your legs.
  • On The Table delivers another full body working if you dig deep, get creative, and thrust with all your might.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Calories burned
INFOGRAPHIC: Most popular sex positions in New Zealand

A total of 1,005 female and 1,331 male respondents participated in the survery. The survey was conducted in cooperation with the leading global casual dating site