What women want (and how to get it with online dating)

Once New Zealand comedians again running out of anything original, they can always fall back on a good old question: "What women actually want?" This is followed by laughter, then a lame joke about handbags, more laughter, a gag about shoe craze, giggle, plus anything like "take out the trash". And at the end of it, men in the audience are not any smarter.

But there are two ways to find out what women really want. The first one is actually quite simple, although many men still find it difficult. Most of the time, women actually don’t make a secret of what they want and if you listen to them, you could learn a lot about their dreams, wishes, and desires. The advantage: While listening you find out what this one woman wants and later you can impress by not only meeting her needs, but also by being a good listener. The downside: While listening you cannot learn what every woman wants, because not all women are the same. If you still place value on generalizations and are looking for a few rules of thumb for dealing with the female gender, then learn here what women really want:

1. Women want to be appreciated, admired and taken seriously

Anybody who makes a woman feel special has actually won already. This is done best with compliments, as a result of concentration during your conversations. The trick is figuring out by what trait a woman is particularly defined and in what area she is rather insecure. If you can give her the impression that you appreciate both her strengths and their weaknesses, you will be in her good books already.

At online dating it is relatively easy to see at her profile which compliment she would appreciate, so give it a bit of more effort rather than boring standard compliments like  "you're pretty / you've got a nice smile/etc."

2. Women want reliability

Starting from the first date, women figure out whether they are dealing with a guy they can rely on. Tardiness, volatility and sudden lack of communication are a red rag and diminish your chances.

When online dating, for starters you simply just respond reliable and regularly to messages... and of course be in time for the first date.

3. Women also want to be surprised

Attention, now it gets complicated: Reliability alone becomes boring in the long run, so also do something unexpected. For example, on the third date spontaneously take her to ice skating instead of the cinema or spontaneously invite her to a trip to the mountains on Sunday. Such surprises freshen up the relationship even after a long time together.

For example when online dating, after a few normal messages you could send a link to a video that made you laugh today or you send an iTunes gift certificate, so she can download the same album that you just purchased.

Above all you should remember details during the online conversation, which make you shine on a real date. You learn the most about what women want from the women themselves!

Picture Source: photostock/FreeDigitalPhotos.net