Are you a single in New Zealand? This is what you need to know!

Are you a single in New Zealand? This is what you need to know!

Which dating apps are recommended for singles in New Zealand?

It can be difficult to realize that connection. Meeting romantically with another person is a goal that, at some stage, all singles in New Zealand want. We would like to show you how to make that connection.

of all new romances start using dating apps

Most singles in New Zealand are aware of dating websites but often they do not understand how to make them work for them. Here we will show you what dating websites to join and how to make them work for you.

The reason why dating sites can work for people in New Zealand is because they offer discretion and that discretion has drawn additional females to start using these sites. Currently 40% of all recent romances were initiated over the internet and the massive percentage of those are through the array of dating sites.

Although it may be easy to arrange a meeting using these sites, those dates will only be possible if you choose the best platform for your city. If you sign up to a poor platform, you might as well not sign up to any.

Recommended dating websites for singles in New Zealand

# 1: Academic Singles

for Singles searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 350.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Winner of New Zealend leading dating services
  • Popular among NZ elite singles

Score: 9/10

for Academic Singles
54 responses to 100 Singles-Requests shortly after in our search area. *)

# 2: EliteSingles

for Singles searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 250.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Best for elite singles in NZ
  • Lots of activity on the NZ site

Score: 2/10

for EliteSingles
6 responses to 100 Singles-Requests shortly after in our search area. *)

# 3: eharmony

for Singles searches *)
  • Members in New Zealand: 500.000
  • Dating category: Love
  • Enjoy more informed conversations
  • One of the best designs on the web

Score: 2/10

for eharmony
13 responses to 100 Singles-Requests shortly after in our search area. *)

Nothing is more important than location

Although one dating platform might boast X many singles, if those members aren’t in your local area, what use are they. You need to find the dating site that is most predominant around your location if you want to get results.

With the realization that dating sites offer discretion, women have excitedly been enrolling on them and so no longer are all the websites dominated with men, some of the best ones have a 48% female and 52% men membership.

Valerie, 37, Hamilton, NZ

I always thought that if I tried to find a guy on the net, the entire world would hear about it and I would be shunned. When I found this website and listened to its recommendations though, I quickly found the guy that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and no one has any idea that I met him through the net.

Singles in New Zealand are realizing the benefits of using dating services

Unlike conventional dating you do not have to worry about investing tons of cash. It is an expensive exercise, going out to all those pubs and cafes. With internet dating you can find love, in the comfort of your home. Surveys have also proven that as additional singles find love inside their homes the retention rates of these dates is on the up.

Through the dating platforms you can determine if you will are compatible before your first date and perhaps this is why such a large number of online daters, remain with one another after that first date.

Blaca, 28, Christchurch

I always used to hate first dates as I did not know what to expect and way too often my worst expectations would be confirmed. At the moment though, since becoming a member of the service you recommended, I can determine exactly what to expect from the date.

Dating sites keys for men’s triumphs

There’s 2 reasons males find it hard to meet women on dating websites and those are because they are on the incorrect site for their location or, they are on a site which has too many males and so the competition is too high.

All this can act in your favor though if, you signup to the right service for the gender ratio that also is the best platform for your city. That is when we come in, we have invested hundreds of hours of study and if you would like to benefit of this study, we have released our results on our site and so by going to our site you can learn about the better services for people in New Zealand, for both men and women.

Singles in New Zealand find romance using only apps

Even though the appearance of apps in this technical era might have made life easier, as far as dating sites go, the only thing that matters when looking for romance is joining the right one. Even when using an app or any other modern technology, it will take you a lot of hours of research to find the correct site for your area but, as we have done that investigating for you; why bother.

User reviews for singles in New Zealand

Having stumbled onto your website and followed your advice, I’m hoping to meet my dream girl soon as I now get lots of dates. Before that though, I’d tried many dating websites with no success.
I have a busy job schedule which inhibited me from dating. I was on call and as a result could never assume my night open until it was over. After I signed up to the site that you suggested I was able to try find women regardless of my schedule, explain about my work and attempt to work around it. The mobile application really helped me meet a lovely woman, who I have been with for nearly six months now.
With the dating sites I used before, all the interesting guys were way too far away but now I joined the website you recommended, I’ve discovered that equally as great guys do live closer.
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